Tango, Salsa & Disco, The New Fashionable Tech

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Calling all tech lovers with magpie tendencies. The trendy BaubleBar and the health conscious Jawbone have come together to create beautiful modern accessories for the upwardly mobile woman.


This is good news, because fitness wearables, have for some time, been trying to shake off the rubber band look that they have become synonymous for. That is why we are excited that the popular fitness tracker has partnered up with BaubleBar, an online jewelry retailer that was started by two Harvard Business School graduates and former investment bankers Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky.

Their meeting was not by chance, the two brands where brought together by Chris Burch, the man famous for helping BaubleBar raise $10 million investment money. The match so far has ensured that the easy-on-the-eye collection plays a role in raising the bar when it comes to designing stylish fitness wearables.


On the collab, BaubleBar Co-Founder Daniella Yacobovsky shared; “Wearables are definitely a part of [the BaubleBar girl’s] life. [But] we do not make wearable technology. We have an incredible design team that makes beautiful accessories. That is the core of what we do,” 

The embellished bracelets definitely style up the sporty Jawbone UP MOVE™ activity tracker, with all that BaubleBar bling. We love how the fashion forward wrist candy successfully combines fashion and function whilst having the ability to track steps, calories burned and sleep patterns.  The adjustable bracelet is available in 3 different styles that have been given the fun names, Tango, Salsa and Disco. Unfortunately the UP MOVE™ by Jawbone is NOT included in the more affordable price of $45.00, but should you want it included then it is available for a higher price of $85.00.

BaubleBar x Jawbone Disco

Lastly, with the CFDA actively encouraging designers to connect with tech brands, we can only applaud (loudly) when collabs such as Tory Burch x Fitbit,  Swarovski x Misfit and Hermès x Apple Watch show doubters that Fashion and Technology are the perfect power couple.


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