Misfit Shine 2 Fashionably Control Your SmartHome

Only a couple of weeks ago we were introduced to Misfit Synchro Diving into Wearable Tech with Speedo. Giving us the impression that the brand is becoming a safe bet when it comes to the aspects of fashion and accuracy in the wearable tech space. Today the Wearable Sensor Technology company announced the launch of Misfit Shine 2. It offers an even more elegant aesthetic, whilst introducing powerful new functionality making it possible for the device to fashionably control your smart home.


The fitness and sleep monitor now measures more accurately, with features that include a three-axis accelerometer and newly added three-axis magnetometer. With a new set of LED’s to display information and a vibration engine inside, it will deliver more discrete alerts from your smartphone. The new activity tracker seems ready to pick up the gloves against its competitors.


Activity trackers still have somewhat of a reputation of being anything but fashionable. But Misfit’s design should not be offended by those judgements, because it is quite easy on the eye. Misfit have managed to build in great features into the more slimmer body, made of aircraft-grade aluminum. Only 8mm think the fitness tracker can be clipped on your belt, shoe or just be put in a wristband. You can even choose to hang it around your neck as a pendant.

Adam Mack, Misfit’s Director of Mechanical Design stated: “We’ve packed a lot into Shine 2, adding more functionality into an even smaller form factor with the same battery life and we didn’t compromise on craftsmanship or the user experience.”

Misfit Shine 2

Shine 2 has upgraded the hardware and firmware in a way where touch responsiveness has been approved with capacitive sensing technology, faster syncing, and extended Bluetooth range. In my humble opinion these technologies give the bracelet the coolest features around today, such as being able to operate as a smart home controlling device. When synched with the Misfit Link, your activity tracker will suddenly turn into a remote that will connect with the world around you. Offering you more control, you will be able to let the device operate as a button that has the ability to turn your lights on, change your music, take a selfie, advance slides, and more, all with a double tap.


Like the original Shine, The Shine 2 still has its incredible (compared to its competitors) six-month battery life and as for the water resistance, it has holds the same rating. This sleek looking activity tracker is available on Misfit.com as of today for $99 (£79). It comes in Rose Gold and Carbon Black, available on currys.co.uk from the end of November 2015.

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