Who will be the Devils Wearing Fashion Tech?

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @WearTechStylist

Who will be the Devils Wearing Fashion Tech this Fashion Week?

With the season in full swing in New York, we are curious to find out whether any street fashionistas will actually dare style their camera catching looks with amazing technology.


I am not talking about them simply adorning an Apple Watch, I am thinking more along the lines of influentials, editors, stylists and PRs hitting the streets of their fashion cities in Ringly, Electric Styles, Misfit Shine, Tory Burch Fitbit, Natalia Allen and Beacon & Lively.

I want to witness Fashion showing off its solidarity with Technology.  It is important that this power couple come out and make an entrance. Why now? Well Fashion Week is the place for the new trends, looks and designs, so why not explore these areas in Fashion Technology too? Why not show off how far the industry has come so far, by introducing the world to FashionTech designers like, Iris van Herpen and Pauline van Dongen, who are breaking down barriers and daring to be different.

We want to see the likes of Anna Wintour wearing Fashion Tech, not because she has decided to do the brand a favour, but more because she truly believes in the product could have a positive affect on the movement.

Fashion Tech Styled by #WearableTechStylist
Fashion Tech Styled by #WearableTechStylist

On that note, we have put together an edit ?of Fashion Tech that can easily compliment everything Fashion Week. In our fabulous opinion, we think that this is a selection of the perfect must haves that will not look out of place on the FROW.

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