LAUNCHED: Lyle & Scott Contactless Jacket

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

I wasn’t sure I heard correctly, but I did. The first contactless payment jacket has been introduced.

In the UK ( and other countries like the US and Netherlands), consumers can make purchases by simply touching their bank card on a contactless payment machine. This has given many people the freedom to quickly pay and go. Now with a new tech jacket on the scene it seems that you will no longer need to dig deep into your handbag anymore, all you have to do is tap your sleeve, the built in contactless bpay chip is in the cuff, against a pay point machine and ‘pop’ you have paid for your purchases.


The Contactless Jacket is the lightbulb idea of bPay technology and fashion brand Lyle & Scott. On their collaboration, Jonathan Briggs, the innovation project manager at Lyle & Scott, said: “We are a brand that embraces our heritage, however we understand that it is extremely important to stay in touch with the needs of our modern customers. Innovation is key to realising this, and so we are proud to partner with bPay to launch the world’s first contactless payment jacket.”

Overall, I think it is a great idea on paper, but in reality I can see a lot of uneccessary problems coming about. Imagine if you by accident touch the contactless machine and make a payment or worst case someone steals your beloved jacket. Ok, they can only spend a maximum of £30, but £30 can buy a lot of Starbucks.


As for the jacket itself, it is one for the boys ladies. A classic design, without much wow, it is definitely more function then style. With double face contrast fabric, hood, side pockets, branded zip and leather patch logo on sleeve, it is a very Dad jacket that would make the perfect Father’s Day gift for a tech loving dad.

The Lyle & Scott Contactless Jacket, priced at £150.00, is on-sale online and at the brand’s Carnaby Street store.

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