Forget The Rules & Be Prepared To Be Interlaced

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

When Interlaced comes calling, FashionTech insiders sit up and take notice. Why? because it is a time to take pause, forget the rules and be prepared to be Interlaced.


So who are they? Interlaced are an organization that inspires, educates and communicates the developments of the next wave of fashion. They create a platform for curious minds, with the aim to accelerate consumer adoption of wearable technology fashion, smart clothing and apparel.

Built with the objective to speed up innovation within fashion houses and technology companies, Interlaced are quickly becoming known for their insightful events, industry reports, educational activities and news content. The talented team at Interlaced are all motivated to bridge the gap between the industry, academia and the wider public.

Acting as a catalyst, Interlaced encourages consumer adoption of smart fashion. They believe that the key to success for fashion tech starts with educating emerging talents and early adopters. So why should everyone sit up and take notice? Well, we are currently at an exciting stage of wearables. Many consumers want to be educated on the future talents in fashion and also get to know the pioneers in the field. Interlaced is a company that is all about connecting the dots in this ecosystem because they believe that “for wearables to really take off, smart clothing will need to invade the worlds of ready-to-wear, haute couture, and street fashion”. 

Meet The Interlaced Team

We are excited to announce that FashNerd has partnered up with Interlaced on their upcoming event in London. Taking place in Shoreditch on 3rd September 2015, the conversation will be all about wearable tech, computational fashion, entrepreneurship, fashion tech research, consumer adoption, fashion innovation, smart fabrics, smart accessories and implications of fashion tech on business an society. With tickets starting from £35.00 you can purchase your ticket HERE. If you would like to learn more about the innovative team of six, Kristina, Hristiyan, Karina, Noemie, Madeleine & Whitney, then please click HERE.

Note, on the run up to the September 2015 event we will be keeping you posted on the speakers, the agenda and the exciting world of Interlaced, so watch this space!

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