Upgrade Your Favorite Watch to a Smart Watch

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Have you thought about investing in a Smart Watch but were not quite ready to give up your beloved traditional watch? Well there is a new tech in town that can now upgrade your favorite timepiece from a normal watch to a Smart Watch.


Taking a closer look at the Smart Watch, a study by mobile device analytics firm Canalys has revealed that Smart Watch adoption has so far been slower than predicted. Even with the launch of the AppleWatch, the general masses are yet to let go of their traditional watch in favour of a Smart Watch. This has left room for  a different Smart Watch route to be explored, enter into the arena, Chronos Wearables.


First shown at the Highway 1 Accelerator’s Demo Day at the beginning of June 2015, Chronos Wearables, developed by a US-based startup, are making it possible for us to transform our regular mechanical or digital watch into a Smart Watch device. Mark Nichol, founder and CEO of Chronos Wearables, explains, “It’s a super thin disk that uses microsuction to attach to the back of your watch. It delivers notifications from your phone, as well as tracking your health.” This innovative development means that our ordinary watch will be able to go from Clark Kent to Superman by the simple addition of an unobstrusive slim disc.


With the ability to be compatible with 80% of watches currently on the market, the future direction of this smart device will be through partnerships with watch manufacturers.  It is these partnerships that will allow Chronos to build the technology directly into the backs of watches. On this Nichol states, “We’ll be doing a pre-sale later this summer where we’ll be announcing exciting partnerships with some hot watch brands.” Imagine your Rolex with similar abilities of a SmartWatch, we like the sound of that!


With the current excitement over Chronos Wearables palpable,  the individuals unwilling to give up their traditional timepiece now have the opportunity to upgrade, but we are left wondering, is the Chronos Smart device compatible with the more smaller womenswear watches?

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