Tom Ford- “I Wouldn’t Wear An Apple Watch On My Wrist”

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

With the words “I wouldn’t wear an Apple Watch on my wrist, but I wear it on a fob”,   we were introduced to a new breed of Apple Watch, the Tom Ford meets Apple Pocket Watch.


First spotted at the recent London Collections Fashion Week, the customized watch made its runway debuted during Ford’s SS16 collection.  Partnered with sleek three-piece suits, the whole look paid homage to the dapper aesthetic of “The Thomas Crown Affair,” sprinkled with a dash of “Steve McQueen and Paul Newman”.

Tom Ford Apple Pocket Watch

The idea of a Pocket Apple Watch is definitely a brilliant enough to demand column inches in all the right fashion rags. We must admit Ford had us at Pocket Watch. We love the idea of mixing the old world with the new. Unfortunately this great idea’s Achilles heel is reduced functionality, which means that although you will enjoy the timepiece you would have to give up perks like health and activity tracking. We think it is a design flaw that can be overcomed by maybe adorning a jacket with a tight-fitting breast pocket, just an idea. Another “problem” that deserves a mention is that every time you want to access your notifications you would have to enter a pin- exhausting!

Even with all its faults, we wonder, who wants to be stylishly connected in a Charles Dickens throwback that brags of 21st century technology? Well I am sure that the early adopters will be jumping at the chance of attaching this Tom Ford /Apple accessory to the pocket of their waistcoat. As for the rest of us, I think we will wait for AppleWatch 3 to come to market. Why? Because I am confident that it will be the version that will convince us that maybe the Apple SmartWatch does belong on our wrist after all.

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