Styling Kendall & Kylie

Styled By Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

This week, we join the world of fashion as they crane their necks to take a peek at Kendall & Kylie Topshop Collection.

Styling Kendall & Kylie Topshop

The honorary Kardashian girls, Kendall Jenner, model, and Kylie Jenner, trendsetting teen, have put together an exclusive 15 piece collection for highstreet store Topshop.

The pieces are very much all about the laid back LA style of a Beverly Hills kid. So we had to take a moment to think, what would complement such a style? Following a brief pause Kovert Designs popped to mind.

Who are they? Well, those with their finger on the pulse of fashion tech will know that there has been a buzz around London start-up label Kovert Designs for a while now. The woman behind the innovative jewellery is Kovert Designs founder Kate Unsworth. It was her vision, her design and her creation that introduced us to fashionable jewellery that is both wearable and practical. Embedded with tech, each piece can be programmed, via a dedicated app, to vibrate gently when certain people call, text or email. Kovert refers to this perk as “filtering the world”, how can you not love that?

Kovert Design’s jewellery gives us peace of mind that is priceless in such a fast paced world. It acts as our very own gatekeeper, only notifying us of pre-approved callers messages. It is a perk so LA that their bracelet completed our Topshop edit perfectly. Want to own the look? You can shop the Kovert Design tech at ALTRUIS, the Kendall & Kylie Topshop Collection at TOPSHOP and the shoes at Net-A-Porter.

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