High Performance Stiletto To Singh Praises For

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Every woman loves her heels and we are no exception. It is a complicated love/hate relationship rarely understood by the men in our lives or our long suffering feet. Then with a dramatic pause, the High Performance Stiletto enters our busy life.

Singh Praises For High Performance StilettoIt is a well known fact that women can go weak at the knees at the sight of a beautiful pair of heels. We all crave the shoe wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw.  Which is why we are happy to let you know that our foot drama might finally be over if Ms Dolly Singh has anything to do with it!

The 36 year old glamazon has made it her style goal to engineer the perfect foot friendly high heel. It would be a stilleto perfect for women who can’t bare to be parted from their extra height. The idea came about on the back of her passion for both science and fashion. Her light bulb moment resulted in Singh starting Thesis Couture a start up company that will be applying science to fashion.

Singh Praises For High Performance Stiletto
Dolly Singh

Putting her plan into motion, Singh’s first call of business was to hire the best talent to help her realise her vision. She typically did not go down the shoe designer route, she instead sought out astronauts, technology whizzes, orthopedists, and material experts. After screening the creme de la creme she bought on board Garrett Reisman. The n astronaut told Bloomberg News that her recruitment strategy first made no sense to him because “to be honest, it was pretty far afield from my interest and expertise, but once she talked about it as an engineering problem, I was hooked.”

Singh Praises For High Performance Stiletto

Also recruited to her team was aerospace engineer Hans Koenigsmann, surgeon a specialist in the reconstruction of feet/ankles Andy Goldberg and Amanda Parkes who has a doctorate in tangible media from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With a strong vision and an enviable circle of consultants, Singh’s Avengers team was assembled and ready to get to work

When you take a closer look at the challenges ahead, you realise that Singh’s objective are quite doable. Why? because she is a woman who loves her heels and therefore she understands the importance we lay on Choos and Louboutins. She has also experienced the pain of squeezing your feet into a pair of unforgiving shoes. For Singh is a case of fixing the problem rather than eliminating the heels. She acknowledges that that the time has now come to rethink the heel by keeping them beautiful but making them more comfortable.

Singh Praises For High Performance Stiletto

With Singh at the helm, we are intrigued by how this crew will achieve their objective successfully. So far we know that they are planning on modernising the shank. Instead of the metal currently used,  they will be making the shank out of a plastic resin. This will make a difference because it will be stiff in the middle which means that the the foot will absorb the impact in a way that means the wearer will have a mix of strength and comfort.

When we wear our heels,  90 percent of the pressure is on our toes which is not great. The new heel will ensure that our foot sits more naturally. With the prototype crafted, Singh will be making around 1,500 pairs in 2015 at an eye watering cost of $925. The collection will later include both day and evening styles starting at a more affordable $350.

Boasting both beauty and brains, Singh will be entering a market where American women annually spend $20 billion on their high heels. Believing in the power of modern materials, Singh has taken on the Elon Musk approach, confidently stating, “if you make a badass product, everything else will work itself out. You have to have faith in that”.


With 1,500 pair available for their debut, and more than 10,000 people on the waitlist, Thesis is now offering an opportunity for you to pre-register. This will speed up your ability to order when the list opens, and improve your chances of securing one of the limited edition pair.


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