‘Spring Forward’ – Apple Watch Live

Mano ten Napel | @Mano10Napel


It’s been exactly 6 months in Cupertino California, since Tim Cook owned the stage when he announced the new Apple Watch. What was made clear was how little we actually knew about the wearable tech device. The Rumor carrousel has been overloaded with information published by tech media as if they were serving fish and chips on a Saturday night. We heard rumors such as  The next Apple Watch could be made of platinum(The Verge/WSJ), or the Mid-tear steel model will cost $500 (The Guardian).

The event won’t be about the Apple Watch alone though. So you can look forward to “Sit tight for a new Retina MacBook Air”. (Wired) Back to the Watch, we have noted that non affiliated companies have not been sitting still, something we wrote earlier here on FashNerd. They are showing us that it is possible to play around with the design of the Watch and mix things up.


What will ‘Spring Forward’ Bring us

I have a feeling that most of today’s Apple event will be focused on the user experience of the watch. 3rd party developers might demonstrate how certain apps will work, but in the end we all just have to wait and see. For those who are interested in seeing the event live, then do take into account the different time zones in your local area to ensure you do not miss it. For your convenience, you can the watch the LIVE event here.

  • San Francisco – 10am
  • New York – 1pm
  • London – 5pm
  • Amsterdam – 6pm
  • Johannesburg – 7pm
  • Bangkok – midnight
  • Hong Kong – 1am (Tuesday)
  • Seoul – 2am (Tuesday)
  • Sydney – 4am (Tuesday)

Oh, and one more thing…

Patience is a virtue. We still have to wait until next month before we can really get our hands on the Watch. It should be on the shelves by April 2015.

Update: You can rematch the complete event here. you will need Safari 5.1.10 or OS X 10.6.8 (or later)

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