Day 2: Decoding The Speakers At #DFLondon

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Day 2 we are decoding the names of the influencers speaking about Fashion Technology at #DFLondon. Decoded Fashion is primarily built on its chosen speakers. The stronger they are, the more likely the attendees would return to the event again.

influencersAll the listed speakers held impressive resumes and experience. Having paid their dues, they had the knowledge to educate and inspire. With the list being so long, we have picked a handful of those we want to personally introduce to you. Get to know their names people, because they are the influencers who are leading the way down the rather long windy road of Fashion Technology.


If you are a start-up company with a brilliant idea, the name on your lips should be Daniel Bobroff. He is the man who is always on the look out to invest in a great idea.

All about fashion technology, the investment director of ASOS believes in partnering, supporting and investing in the future of FashionTech. With a global interest in the development of technology, the tech entrepreneur boasts 25 years of experience and has made a name for himself working with well-known brands and also working in the game industry. You can reach out to him at @DanielBobroff.



If you have ever had a great idea that you knew was Einstein-brilliant but all the knock backs have started to make you feel like giving up, then you need to be inspired by Anna Perelman, the founder of Stelle Audio. If you have never heard of her, then you need to subscribe to FashNerd Bytes ASAP.

Perelman is the woman behind one of the fastest growing fashion technology companies around. Only 18 months in, they have already collaborated with brands like the much talked about innovative label Rebecca Minkoff.

Stelle Audio are proving time and time again that they are a design forward brand, perfect for the upwardly mobile tech appreciative female. Perelman has brought change to music related gadgets. Usually male orientated, Perelman has come up with a product that does not have the usual air of masculinity. Stelle Audio is a gadget that a stylish women can truly invest in.

With a philosophy based on the union between form and function, Perelman believes that there should always be a perfect marriage between high end design and exceptional sound quality. After winning five awards including the Red Dot Award, Stelle Audio is a brand that truly inspires. Connect with Anna at @AnnaPerelman.

Stelle Audio X Rebecca Minkoff


When it comes to getting the word out there about your idea or brand, how much money should you really spend? Because marketing can quickly become a costly venture for a new start-ups if it is not thought out properly. Now Neil Waller’s approach to getting word out is one that should be adopted by every start-up seeking to build their very own community. 

Waller is a co-founder of Shore Projects which is a British watch brand. What makes him remarkable is his approach to social media and audience engagement. Having barely spent a penny in marketing he still managed to brag a phenomenal growth since launching in April 2014. What they did was use the social media platform to their advantage by creating a strong customer following. They did this mainly through engaging content and interaction with the result being that they saw an average month by month growth averaging 200%. Wowser!!!

This kind of social media strategy is easy to follow and do. It’s all about getting your followers to be your PR. Followers are always happy to post about something they like to their followers and if many people do this then you are going to be exposed to various communities and the likely hood would be that their followers will follow you too. What Waller managed to do was not magic, he just noticed the value in talking to his audience in a sincere manner. If everyone did this there will be no need to part with hard earned $$$. Try out your social and engagement skills with him at @shore_projects

Shore projects

With Day 2 at an end, we bid Decoded Fashion London Summit farewell. As first timers, we must admit that there are a few things about the event that we would definitely change, but that’s an article for another time. Want relive Day 1? We got you. Until we meet again #DFLondon.

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