Fashion 2020 Favorites: The Year’s Best Fashion Tech Stories According to The Readers

2020 Favorites: The Year’s Best Fashion Tech Stories According to The Readers

To mark the end of this challenging trying year we have compiled a month-by-month list of the most-read articles in the past twelve months.

2020 will be remembered as the year that the majority of us retreated indoors and spent even more time online. For us, 2020 might have made the fashion industry vulnerable and unsure, but it also forced it to rethink how it does business. We look forward to the next normal, and to technology continuing to play a critical role in bridging the gap between the old and the new.

To wrap the year, we decided to share this year’s best fashion tech stories according to our readers. We have done this by compiling a month-by-month list of the most-read articles in the past twelve months. The list reflects the popular write-ups on fashion tech startups, innovations, inventions and collaborations that unfolded in 2020. From Conversation With the Team Behind Third Generation Revolutionary Innovation The Hövding Helmet to the examination of COVID-19’s Effect on Apparel e-Commerce & Consumer Purchasing Behaviour, we wrote about what we knew our community would like to hear about. We even touched on #BlackLivesMatter movement, with a piece called Black Fashion Tech Founders: Give Us A Level Playing Field, Not Charity! by one of our contributors Molshree Vaid. In the article, Vaid touched on sensitive topics like black professionals being used as “Guinea Pigs Or Marketing Tools”.

Of the many, one of the articles that topped the list was a detailed piece where 7 experts shared their thoughts on what steps they would like to see the fashion industry take now and post-coronavirus. Another reader favourite was 10 Events Designed To Demystify The Role Technology Plays In Fashion and Retail. The write up focused on sharing where our readers can get the fashion tech information they need in order to stay ahead of the curve in ever-evolving fashion tech space.

So without further ado here are 12 most read articles in 2020.


Digital Identity Meets Blockchain And Artificial Intelligence

This week we are going to be sharing with you expert visions outlined in the Connected Products Economy Report. From Natasha Franck to Mats Linder Consultant, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, we take a closer look at their key message which focuses on how…Read More.


Yes, Kickstarter is Still A Thing, Here Are 3 Campaigns Worth Backing

There was a time when Kickstarter projects were all the rage. Now it seems that all has become quiet in the land of raising funds with less and less exciting conversations over the innovations on offer. That being said, I must admit… Read more


Science Introduces Human Textiles That Can Be Knitted, Crocheted or Weaved

Can you imagine a textile made of human skin cells? Sounds a bit science fiction, but a team of researchers from France, Columbia and the U.S. have made it happen. They have developed a yarn that can be woven into human textiles-… Read more


In the Age of Covid-19, “Its Time To Invent Everything from Scratch” says Li Edelkoort

I have had the pleasure of interviewing Lidewij ‘Li’ Edelkoort. I found her to be the kind of woman who does not mince her words. I liked that. She is somebody whose opinion needs to be heard. When we sat down together,… Read more


Ben Alun-Jones: “There’s no point trying to put out the small fire, while there is a huge fire raging in the background.”

Last week I had a one on one conversation with Ben Alun-Jones, one of the founders of Unmade, a company that is enabling clothing brands to create on-demand supply chains. Alun-Jones, who spearheads product innovation, conception and development at Unmade, started the… Read more


5 Key Challenges In Today’s Era of Big Data

Digital transformation will create trillions of dollars of value. While estimates vary, the World Economic Forum in 2016 estimated an increase in $100 trillion in global business and social value by 2030. Due to AI, PwC has estimated an increase of $15.7… Read more


Innovative Start-up PatternLab Showcases the Future of Digital Design

With COVID-19 accelerating and disrupting the future of the fashion industry, many companies, like PatternLab, are reshaping their operations and reducing risks by going digital to adhere to new demands and safety regulations. The innovative start-up has launched a digital software solution…. Read more


10 Reasons To Start Your Own Clothing Line During The Pandemic

Are you aspiring to start a clothing line in 2020? In these perilous times, there is no denying that the future of fashion has become uncertain. So much so that for those thinking of starting their clothing line in what is arguably… Read more


SupplyCompass​ x Queen of Raw​: Changing the Landscape for Deadstock Fabric

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, sustainability has still been a top priority for many brands. There has been a lot of sustainability and circularity conversations taking place. It is the kind of talk that has brought about a renewed vigour for brands… Read more


The Downside Of Sustainable Milestones Made By Plant-and-Plastic Hybrids

As the second-largest polluter in the world, after the oil industry, the fashion industry has turned to material innovation as its potential superhero. With pressure to address problems like plastic waste, another route has been introduced. It is one that has led to the… Read more


How Can The Fashion Industry Build a More Sustainable Future? Experts weigh in.

From talking about women empowerment to debates on whether fashion can save itself, here are the key takeaways from Scandinavian MIND’s conference. Read More.


2020, A Year Like No Other, Has Made Fashion Fluent in…

It is hard to believe that 2020 has a silver lining, but it does. Yes, we have been vulnerable and unsure, but…Read More

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