Fashion Tech News Do You Know Your True Bra Size? No Time Like The Present.

Do You Know Your True Bra Size? No Time Like The Present.

Are 8 Out of 10 Women Really Wearing the Wrong Bra Size?

There aren’t many scientific papers available which have effectively looked at issues of bra fit therefore it doesn’t surprise me that it is believed that 8 Out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size. As a woman myself, I think it is not just about women buying the wrong bra but it is also that there is a lack of standardization.

As most women know, ill-fitting bras have also been associated with neck, back and shoulder pain and bad posture. I mean how many of us have suffered the rubbing and chafing of a badly fitted bra?

The good news is that tricky fits could be a thing of the past thanks to AI-enabled bra-ftting software that allows women to measure and shop for the correct bra. Get your google on and get to know the following 5 startups who are proof that AI bra fittings are going to become the norm in the future.

(1) Wacoal introduced an AI-driven bra-fitting app and no-measure bra-fitting app uses artificial intelligence to help recommend styles and the right sizes to shoppers.

(2) Prime AI is an interactive bra size finder technology that helps your customers find best fitting bra size in seconds, bra size finder from Prime AI.

(3) Clovia is an AI Based Bra Bot that is essentially a conversational platform that elevates the customer experience.

(4) Brarista is an AI-enabled bra-fitter that enables women to shop for the correct fitting bra, using any digital camera.

(5) Sizelytics uses machine learning algorithms to shrink the find-buy cycle and provide recommended products list directly to the customer through their Size Calculator.

Although the some of the solutions are still a work in progress, I think women welcome the tech anyway because its better than being tortured by an ill-fitting bra. I know I will willingly pay good money to own a bra made just for my bosom.

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