In The Headlines #KnowYourWorth: International Women’s Day 2022

#KnowYourWorth: International Women’s Day 2022

Women know your worth.

Know that we are glass ceiling smashers capable of accomplishing many things. 

No longer elusive and demure, women are shattering the shackles of patriarchy and showing no signs of slowing down today or the other 364 days. 

To the women whose achievements are not always acknowledged, remember that it is extremely important that you continue to embody resilience, perseverance, confidence, and courage. Your name might not be at the tip of everyone’s tongue, but to some you are the strength they need to realise what they are trying to achieve is possible.

Women, do not be blind to how far we still have to go. There is still work to be done. An excellent place to start is elevating the women whose approach to life you subscribe to; today, tomorrow, always.

This International Women’s Day, I choose NOT to quietly admire Lisa LangEvelyn MoraVon N. RuziveCharney MagriKuben EdwardsJennifer OnahTumelo SetlabaViviane Paraschiv, Pierre Davis, and Marije de Roos. I instead choose to elevate them.

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