Fashion Tech News NOVA’s Pearl Audio Earrings, Revolutionising the Audio Industry with Hidden Technology

NOVA’s Pearl Audio Earrings, Revolutionising the Audio Industry with Hidden Technology

Are you ready to summon your assistant with beautifully engineered pearl earrings?

Do any of you remember Ear-O-Smart? Their campaign hit the headlines back in 2016 and was covered by the likes of, CBC News, Wareable and the BBC. Ear-O-Smart got the kind of attention that ensured that their crowdfunding campaign got off to a great start, the ‘world’s first fashionable, smart earring’ ended up making less than half of their initial $30,000 goal.

Then in 2017 Ear-O-Smart evolved into Joule Smart Earring before disappearing. Since then our ears have been wooed by the likes of Swing HearablesPeripherii and L U X E Bluetooth who came up with ear cuffs that looked like they would appeal to every stylish tech-forward woman, including yours truly. Fast forward to today, and we find ourselves getting to know the new kid in town, NOVA’s Pearl Audio earrings.

Can Audio Earrings Be The New Essentials?

Munich-based startup NOVA has brought to our attention earrings with earphones capabilities. Hoping to revolutionise the audio industry, NOVA’s Pearl Audio earrings are a pair of wireless earphones embedded in a freshwater pearl and held by a silver/gold plated clip. What makes them revolutionary is the patented technology called Directional Sound, which sends any sound output from your earlobe directly to your ear canal, avoiding any spillage and allowing the user to keep the music and conversations private.

Tiny in size, the NOVA H1 Audio Earrings have been designed to look like regular earrings. A tech meets jewellery collab, the “camouflaged tech” strives to give the wearer a unique out-of-ear technology that allows them to be connected 24 hours a day. Known as the ultra sleep mode, it has been created so the wearer can wear the earrings all day long. 

Developed for women, the product takes into account the needs and likings of women. “We did not develop a product and painted it pink – we solved a problem many women face: juggling with earrings and earphones, hair, and lately the mask”, explained Lorena Poy, the Head of Marketing and Communications at NOVA Products GmbH.

When it comes to general specs, it is worth noting that the pearl contains all the electronics in a 9mm space and the back of the earrings contains the battery. Made of freshwater pearl and a silver clip or gold plated clip. (both nickel-free), the NOVA H1 Audio Earrings are available as a clip-on or stud. With battery 3h+ active usage and 20+ With charger, the earring comes in a portable charging case and is compatible with iOS & Android. 

With plans to launch the NOVA’s Pearl Audio earrings on Kickstarter in February 2021, the startup will be awarding the first 500, 49% off the RRP and if you miss that offer, don’t worry, their next best offer will be the Super Early Bird at 40% off. With a production line already set-up in Europe, I look forward to testing the product soon, so watch this space. 

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