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Are You Ready To Raise Your Digital Game With A New Dimension of Interaction?

Announced today, a unique collaboration between three of the world's leading brands in sports, gaming and technology.

If you are ready to rule both worlds, the real-world and gaming world, then you will be excited to hear that adidas, EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile and Jacquard by Google have come together to make it possible. The ground-breaking partnership has successfully created a product that merges the real-world and virtual game. Designed to generate a new experience for players by connecting physical football and digital gaming, adidas GMR challenges you to play and prove you can rule both worlds.

The Real World and Gaming World Closer Than Ever

Jacquard by Google extends your game from the screen to the physical world. When you play connected to adidas GMR you will be able to measure kicks, shot power, distance and speed. “The more you play in the real world, the better your EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile Ultimate Team can become”, states their press release.

“The more you play in the real world, the better your EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile Ultimate Team can become”

Powered by the Jacquard Tag’s advanced machine-learning algorithms, the Jacquard tag is small, discreet, yet robust and sturdy. It’s a tiny computer that connects to the Jacquard app and translates your interactions into commands that Jacquard app can execute. And whether it’s a jacket, a backpack or a shoe, the Jacquard Tag can be embedded seamlessly into the design of the product, so it feels like a part of it.

When it comes to how it works, you first need to connect and pair your GMR tag via the GMR app and connect to EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile. You then have to put the GMR Tag into the insole. It should fit neatly into the under-sole. You should not notice it’s there. You can then stick the insole into your boot. It doesn’t have to be in any specific boot, GMR works in any boot. Once on, players will be able to use real-world football activity to earn rewards and improve their Ultimate Team™ in EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile by completing a series of specially created challenges.

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