Fashion Tech News Thr3eFold, An Ethical Sustainable Supply Chain Platform Benefiting People, Planet, Profit

Thr3eFold, An Ethical Sustainable Supply Chain Platform Benefiting People, Planet, Profit

Working towards a "net-positive" vision, Gucci is not the only company thinking about adopting a sustainable supply chain.

In the past couple of years, we have been witnessing more fashion brands committing to a more transparent, ethical and sustainable supply chains. It is a new wave that is empowering small and big brands thanks to tools powered by different emerging technologies. As the “movement” gains momentum, fashion businesses are starting to responsibly find different ways to improve their garments and working practices through responsible production and consumption of clothing.  With various companies driven to instil best practices across fashion’s supply chain, THR3EFOLD is one that has been making a noticeable difference in the industry. The Ethical Manufacturing Platform is a SaaS platform that helps fashion brands find ethical factories and manage their production. 

Getting to Know The Ethical Manufacturing Platform 

Recently launched in BETA, the platform connects brands to an ethical supply chain that makes it easier for both apparel and accessory brands to be able to connect with ethical factories around the world while managing their production all in one place.

Believing that fashion can positively impact people and the planet, THR3EFOLD is a company founded by Jessica Kelly. Following a long career in the fashion world, the former PR professional was inspired to start THR3EFOLD to help fashion companies structure their business in a way that, in her words, ‘could change the world’. “I worked with over 300 brands daily, preparing them for the wholesale market, and I began to understand how the overarching industry worked and the many pain points all brands face,” states Kelly.

Three years in the making and nine months in development, THR3EFOLD’s Ethical Manufacturing Platform has started to play a key role in helping fashion businesses not only adopt a more straightforward ethical supply chain for their brand but to also understand things like the standards their factory should have and which fabrics are more sustainable.

Realising that there is no easy way to get access to ethically certified factories, THR3EFOLD decided that their Ethical Manufacturing Platform could be the answer that solves an industry wide problem. “I have encountered factories operating at incredible standards, but nobody knows about them. Thr3efold is fixing that,” shared Kelly.  

Looking to serve a useful purpose, THR3EFOLD only lists factories that are up to date with their certification, when it comes to things like labour standards. “These certifications ensure that there is no child labour, no slave labour, staff are paid on time and at the appropriate rate for minimum wage laws and over time, that there is no discrimination, the facility is safe and healthy to work in, clear communication from management, the right to unionise, and a clear environmental improvement plan”, explains their site.

THR3EFOLD founder Jessica Kelly

THR3EFOLD also makes it possible for fashion businesses to message factories directly and ask questions that help them weigh the pros and cons of production. “We’ve built out a great project management system so you can easily see how far along in production you are, any missed deadlines you need to attend to and a cloud-based organiser to keep all your production changes, notes, and necessities,” says Kelly on the 

The Ethical Manufacturing Platform not only helps brands find a factory, but it also helps with every step in the production process. Along the way, you will have access to reviews of each factory, left by those who have used their services. This allows for the transparency capable of building a robust community. 

How To Not Be Part Of The Problem, But Be Part of the Solution 

If you manufacture overseas, adopting an ethical factory is not easy, especially one that produces ethically or sustainably. One of the problems is that factories that have websites usually provide little or no information to help companies vet the factory. Ensuring high ethical and environmental standards, THR3EFOLD  has put everything in one place to make it easy for fashion business to manage their production.

Once you join, your membership will give you access to a secure ethical supply chain. You will be able to search, communicate and compare prices of ethically certified factories around the world, before picking the one that is best for you.  Once you have got the ball rolling, all you have to do is manage your production on your dashboard and review production changes when you need too. So if you are struggling to build your brand ethically, then THR3EFOLD could be the startup that successfully connects you to an ethical supply chain.

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