Fashion Tech News Female-led Company LOOMIA Launches A Stylish Women’s Smart Jacket

Female-led Company LOOMIA Launches A Stylish Women’s Smart Jacket

LOOMIA's first direct to consumer heated jacket launches.

We are excited to share that last week, LOOMIA launched first direct to product. This is great news because we have been fans of LOOMIA for a while now. The female-led company is known for innovation in e-textiles and fabric has not only been bringing innovative technology solutions to the table the 5-year-old company also managed to successfully raise around 1.7m in funding.

Photo Credit: Marta Molina Gómez

The Technology

LOOMIA has spent the past three years developing a soft circuit layer that allows for wire-free heating systems. Using their patented technology, LOOMIA has managed to create a versatile heated jacket that is thin and form-fitting rather than puffy and uncomplimentary. Designed for the woman on the go, the H1 jacket is a self-heating jacket can be worn in the office, on a plane, or under a winter coat.

On their latest innovation, Maddy Maxey told FashNerd Managing Editor Mano ten Napel, “Most heated jackets are designed for men with a smaller women’s version, but research shows that women get cold more easily. We thought this seemed like a great opportunity to put our wire-free soft circuit systems to work to make a slimline jacket that could blend in anywhere”.

The H1 heated jacket has three back heating sections, providing warmth and comfort in any environment. While the LEL can withstand a series of washings, the team recommends hand washing to preserve the layer’s top heat. The included battery pack lasts up to two hours before needing to be recharged and can also charge your phone or other devices. The jacket is controlled with a simple on/off switch. The team chose to make this technology app-less for ease of use (no need to pull out your phone to control the jacket).

Photo Credit: Marta Molina Gómez

Granted a seal of material excellence from Material Connexion in 2018, Madison Maxey, LOOMIA shared: “LOOMIA is a B2B, ingredient brand that focuses on making enabling technologies. We normally like to stay behind the scenes, so it’s exciting for us to show brands what we can do by launching our own D2C product” –

The Design

The LOOMIA team chose to make this jacket out of wool tweed as wool is an excellent insulator, anti-microbial (which requires less washing and can boost sustainability) and a piece of beautiful luxury fabric. By working with wool, the jacket reads a luxury item, not a piece of tech -an essential feature of the invisible technology that LOOMIA is committed to.

Focused on great design and technology, the H1 jacket is retailing for $550.00 and is available for pre-order through their site: Interested customers can place a $50 deposit for their order and will only be charged the remaining $500 if we meet our MOQ for the jacket. All ordered jackets will ship in October 2019.

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