Health Stylish Wearables Driving The Rise Of Tech-connected Healthcare

Stylish Wearables Driving The Rise Of Tech-connected Healthcare

Behind every health innovation idea, is a wearable tech device that is designed to make your life easier.

I firmly believe that health tech innovation is something that we should all invest in. It has the potential to benefit all us in the long run by helping us live healthier (and longer) lives. We all know that the ones that are fashionably designed, usually have the kind of pulling power that is equal to a commitment from the usual commitment shy general public. So it is with excitement that we share with you five decent devices that you can use to kickstart your health goals.


If you are the kind of person whose body temperature goes up and down quite a bit, then I recommend Embr Wave. At the press of a button, it promises to give you thermal relief on demand. So whether you are feeling colder or warmer, you can activate the temperature for an immediate shot of thermal relief.

EMBR Wave Wearable

The wearable works by directly cooling or warming the temperature-sensitive skin on your wrist. This is an action that immediately recreates the chill of an ice cube on your skin in the summer or the warmth of your hands by the fireplace in the winter.

FreeStyle Libre system

Eliminating the need for routine finger sticks is the FreeStyle Libre system. A painless scan that makes checking your sugar level that little bit easier, the  FreeStyle Libre system monitors interstitial fluid glucose levels continuously. It will measure your current glucose reading by showing a trend arrow indicating the direction your glucose is heading so you can make more informed choices. It also shows you the last 8 hours of glucose history allowing you to see how food, activity, and insulin affect your glucose levels – day and night.

FreeStyle Libre system

An app can be used instead of a FreeStyle Libre reader. It stores your glucose readings for up to 90 days and gives you access to current glucose information, reviews glucose trends, and log activity, food, and medication notes. If you choose to use the reader, it is worth noting that the reader needs to be recharged if it runs out of power. The stored glucose readings on the reader are not lost. The reader should fully charge in approximately 3 hours if the battery is completely discharged.

The S+

The world’s first non-contact sleep sensor has arrived.  The S+ is a non-contact sleep sensor that helps you sleep better from the very first night.  Combining a bedside sleep monitor, smartphone app and web-based app to help you track and better understand your sleeping patterns, the S+ creates personalised feedback and suggestions to help improve your sleep.

The S+ health wearable device

Using advanced bio-motion technology and rigorous sleep science, S+ measures your breathing and body movements throughout the night, analyses light, noise and temperature levels in your bedroom and creates daily sleep scores and charts to help you understand your sleep pattern. It also delivers personalised feedback based on your sleep pattern, bedroom environment and daily habits and syncs seamlessly with your smartphone or tablet. Find out how S+ can get you started on your journey to better sleep.

The Gravity Blanket

There is a blanket out there that has been described as the “Advil PM for your whole body.” The Gravity Blanket is an idea that won over $3million worth of support from 15,000 people on a crowdsourcing platform Kickstarter. Filled with 15 to 25 pounds of little beads (technically “non-toxic plastic pellets and a cotton polyester blend mix”), the high-tech sleep wearable is a 25-pound blanket has no wires, batteries, buttons and apps. You do not have to adorn an unsightly headgear to enjoy its benefits.

The Gravity Blanket

Taking inspiration from the deep pressure stimulation technique, which involves applying pressure to trigger the sympathetic nervous system and induce relaxation, the Gravity Blanket can “reduce stress and anxiety, even treat the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder and PTSD”. Or at least, so they say.  “It’s this notion that having between 7 to 12 percent of your body weight resting on top of you increases serotonin and decreases cortisol. That’s the general premise that we took,” says Mike Grillo, Gravity Blanket’s managing director.


This one is for the ladies. Committed to helping women exercise their inner strength, VaGenie addresses the need for women to strengthen their pelvic floor. By breaking taboos and shift cultural awareness for the better, VaGenie strengthens the core, restores feminine control, builds confidence and betters your sex life.

Founder Julia Rose

Founded by LA-based Julia Rose, VaGenie learns your body so it can use proven biofeedback methods for optimal results. The VaGenie is a modern Kegel fitness and tracking solution designed to improve a women’s health and happiness from the inside out!

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