BioFashion Modern Meadow Unveils Biofabricated Leather Brand Zoa

Modern Meadow Unveils Biofabricated Leather Brand Zoa

Harnessing the power of design, biology, and engineering Modern Meadow launches the first biofabricated leather brand.

After five years of research and development in the lab, Modern Meadow has launched biofabricated leather brand Zoa. Unveiled at a pop-up exhibit in SoHo NY, Zoa is first generation materials destined to kickstart a broader conversation about the design and manufacturing possibilities available with biofabrication.

Modern Meadow

The exhibition, which will run until 12th October 2017, presents a series of product prototypes to the public for the first time. The prototypes, created using nature’s essential protein and collagen, were entirely grown without animal derivatives. Supple, durable, and flexible, Zoa biofabricated leather materials opens up new possibilities in design and manufacturing.

Modern Meadow’s Chief Creative Officer, Suzanne Lee

Slated for release in 2018, biofabrication pioneer and Modern Meadow’s Chief Creative Officer, Suzanne Lee shared, “Our technology enables designers to explore materials in exciting new ways, enabling never-seen-before functionality, aesthetics and performance possibilities.” Modern Meadow’s diverse team of over 70 people are working towards bringing the kind of materials that can enable new design and performance possibilities to the forefront. Leading the team, Lee believes that the time has come for a less raw material, she hopes to partner up with some of the world’s most cherished and innovative consumer brands, with the aim to bring new life to the material world.

Modern Meadow’s Graphic Tee on display at MoMA

Besides the pop-up, Modern Meadow is also debuting its biofabricated leather materials at the Museum of Modern Art’s (MoMA) exhibit Items: Is Fashion Modern? On the partnership with MoMA, Lee said, “We are thrilled to be showcasing an example of our creative materials technology at MoMA, an institution respected worldwide for its dedication to design innovation and creative expression.” Reinterpreting the graphic-tee by applying biofabricated leather, Modern Meadow hopes to provoke new thought about the design potential offered when it comes to manufacturing techniques.

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