Fashion Tech News Anina Net, Eradicating Fashion’s Need to Code

Anina Net, Eradicating Fashion’s Need to Code

Founder of the 360Fashion Network Anina Net has come up with a solution that could inevitably play a role in helping build a bridge between fashion and technology. Her solution is the innovative 360Fash Tech Kit, a kit perfect for designers who want to eradicate the need to code.

360Fashion Network Founder Anina Net
Cinamegraph photo by Hanep Creative Studio and Motion Dress by RFactory

The 360Fash Tech Kit is all about making intelligent design decisions using out-of-the box solutions that focus on integrating and creating smart garments and accessories without having to touch a single line of code. Since the announcement, 360Fashion have launched 10 kits that are comprised of ready-made materials, drag and drop visual software, Intel Edison, Intel curie, 3D Print and STL files and online tutorials.

Heartbeat Kit

With so many different kits available, the ones that stand out to us are the LED bag kit that you can use to illuminate your handbags with LED lights that change patterns. There is the Motion kit that allows you to make your creation responsive. The Weather kit that will make your creations reflect the changing weather temperature by changing colours accordingly. The Robotic dress kit that easily integrates motors to your creations so it can change shape. The Gesture kit which uses gestures to control lighting patterns on your creation and the Heating Coat kit that uses soft patented Nano technology that heats the fabric.

Heating Coat Kit

So what’s the next step? Well Anina Net is busy cooperating with fashion designers, brands, and technology companies to ensure that 360Fash Tech Kits truly power up fashion without coding.

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