In The Headlines FlexEnable Pioneers of Organic Transistor Technology

FlexEnable Pioneers of Organic Transistor Technology

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Imagine a smartphone with a wraparound display that opens out into a tablet – doubling the size of the device. Sounds amazing huh? Well UK based company FlexEnable current objective is to deliver the only platform for truly flexible electronics. FlexEnable, known for pioneering and industrialising the development of organic transistor technology, announced this development at the Printed Electronics Europe 2015 that they will be bringing to market a new technology that is set to wow tech enthusiasts.

The device will be designed for the outdoor apparel market but before that happens CEO Indro Mukerjee stated “We are looking for partners now – this is a very exciting time for the industry.” The innovative design will be created in their new Wearable Technology lab.  Products created by FlexEnable are electronics that are manufactured on flexible plastic film with the thickness of a sheet of paper. They have introduced us to the most significant new transistor technology in decades. So what do we have to look forward too? Well FlexEnable’s new Wearable Technology Lab will provide a forum to connect with customers, and tailor solutions to their specific requirements.

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