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Have you got some news that you simply must share? Is it fresh, innovative and newsworthy? We would love to hear from you. Firstly, please note, you need to send us an informative press release and some fabulous jpeg/png images. Feel free to send them via filesharing sites like We Transfer. Secondly, we prefer exclusivity. This doesn’t mean that you can’t approach anyone else, it just means that we would like a 5 day exclusive of the news. If this is not possible then please make this clear in your email.

Thirdly, please remember that we do get quite a lot of emails, so please be patient. Although it might take us some time to get back to you, we will respond as soon as possible. That being said, do feel free to send us a gentle reminder if you have not heard from us in over a week.

Lastly, remember to let us know who we should credit for those beautiful images. We look forward to hearing your news.

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