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23 February 2018

HighSnobietyThis Apple Smart Glasses Concept Is Good Enough to Be Real | Read Article

26 December 2017

High Snobiety The Invincible x adidas Futurecraft 4D Highlights the Potential of Customized Soles | Read Article


25 December 2017

GadgetsAndWearables  | Wearables and fitness technology to expect at CES 2018 | Read Article

23 December 2017

TechRadar| 10 trends in tech to watch in 2018 | Read Article

Patently AppleA new Smart fabric Patent from Apple Surfaced this week in Europe for Smart Clothing and much more | Read Article

22 December 2017

Fibre2Fashion | Stoll & Myant to work for computing textile technology | Read Article

3DPrinting Industry |Starbucks open Shanghai Reserve Roastery with 3D printed tea bar | Read Article

21 December 2017

WWD | Ziip’s Beauty-Meets-Tech Approach| Read Article

Apparel NewsFashion Students Getting Better Tools to Increase Their Tech Skills | Read Article

PSFKBio-Fabrication Could Be The Future Of The Fashion Industry | Read Article

20 December 2017

Business Insiders [NL] | Forget the Magic Leap headset’s many limitations — nobody is going to wear this thing | Read Article

EconoTimesThe social factors that influence whether you’ll use your wearable device | Read Article

IndianExpressGraphene-based wearable e-textiles could soon go commercial | Read Article

18 December 2017

TechCrunch | Adidas shifts away from making its own wearable tech| Read Article

31 October 2017

MIT | Your Next Password May Be Stored in Your Shirt Cuff | Read Article Graphene enables high-speed electronics on flexible materials | Read Article

30 October 2017

BOF | Will Going to Fashion School Actually Get You a Job? | Read Article

27 October 2017

Forbes12 Innovative Founders To Watch And Learn From | Read Article

20 October 2017

Business & Finance | “Every company is a technology company”: Jaguar Land Rover repositions | Read Article

The Red & BlackOPINION: Tech textiles are the future of fashion | Read Article 

RackedStitch Fix Files for IPO | Read Article 

Gadgets & WearablesConsumer Reports warns over poorly secured smartwatches for kids | Read Article 

HuffPostNew Smartwatch Company Aims for Big Bite of Apple | Read Article 

19 October 2017

TheBlockchain | LOOMIA Announces Collaboration With Storj Labs, Introduces Smart Fabrics and Consumer Data to Blockchain Technology | Read Article

17 October 2017

WearableFossil is planning to launch hearables and smart eyewear | Read Article

DevsLabGraphene: a closer look into Nokia’s wonder material | Read Article

16 October 2017

12 October 2017

MachineDesignPaper-Based Supercapacitor Could Power Wearables | Read Article

WareableSamsung Gear Sport is landing 27 October alongside new Gear IconX smart earbuds | Read Article

QuartzArtificial intelligence can say yes to the dress | Read Article

FashionBeans | 5 Big Ideas That Will Change The Way You Wear Clothes | Read Article

11 October 2017

TheEngineerPrinted thermoelectric devices to power wearables using body heat | Read Article

10 October 2017

BiometricUpdateAuthentication system for wearables combines behavioral biometrics with voice recognition | Read Article

ELLE.comTechnology Is Coming for the Fashion Industry—​Whether They Like It or Not | Read Article

PhoneArenaBose SoundSport Free wireless headphones go on sale for $250, ship in 2 to 3 weeks | Read Article

9 October 2017

3DPrintDesigner Uses Sustainable 3D Printing in Recent Exhibition Blurring the Lines Between Fashion and Art | Read Article

WareableOn the horizon: The state of real-time translation hearables | Read Article

MPM MagazineLet’s stick together: Why materials matter with skin-worn wearables | Read Article

SCMPFast forward: from robots to sense-stimulating wearables, the future is now | Read Article

3DPrintIndustryNIIST 3D prints wearable electronic textiles for remote response | Read Article

InverseForget Pixel Buds: Google Translate Has All You Need for Amazing Translation | Read Article

8 October 2017

WareableGoogle’s translation hearable push is significant for the rest of the space | Read Article

TechCrunchComparing Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana and Siri smart speakers | Read Article 

ArsTechnica | Smart jewelry tested: do beautiful devices have the brains to compete? | Read Article

5 October 2017

3ders.orgAmazon buys 3D body scanning startup Body Labs for estimated $50-70M | Read Article 

Fast CompanyFashion’s Future May Rest On An Old Technology: Glue | Read Article 

4 October 2017

WareableGoogle Home Mini is a cheap, pebble-shaped speaker to rival the Echo Dot | Read Article

3 October 2017

FastCompanyThe Shirt Of The Future Will Be Made By Methane-Eating Bacteria | Read Article

VogueA Green Evening Celebrating New Technologies to Help Sustainability in Fashion | Read Article

TechCrunchAmazon has acquired 3D body model startup, Body Labs, for $50M-$70M | Read Article 

28 September 2017

VR World | Burberry Integrates Apple AR Tech into its Fashion App | Read Artice

Times LiveRobotic fashion lets you bare it all with your clothes on | Read Article 

CNN StyleIris Apfel on fashion, tech and what really makes a woman look old | Read Article

25 September 2017

EsquireWill Levi’s and Google Actually Make Technology Wearable? | Read Article

WareableSkagen’s Signatur T-Bar is a dainty hybrid smartwatch for women | Read Article

MashableGoogle and Levi’s tech-enabled Jacquard jacket feels like the future | Read Article

23 September 2017

TechCrunchDon’t wait for the Apple Watch to dole out medical advice anytime soon | Read Article

ACSH.orgChemically Modified Cotton Is Fluorescent, Magnetic | Read Article

22 September 2017

SingularityHubThis Is What Happens When a Robot Assassin Goes to Therapy | Read Article

21 September 2017

YankoDesign | This ‘R/M Artificial Intelligence System’ is Designed to Help you to Keep Your Natural Rhythm | Read Article

TheEngineerGel-soaked conductive ‘fabric’ has potential for energy storage | Read Article

Technical.lyPratt’s work on smart fabrics just got a boost from the Brooklyn borough president | Read Article

FoxNews | These High-tech Jeans are like Contouring for Your Body | Read Article

20 September 2017

ScienceDailyResearchers develop solid-state, free-standing carbon nanofiber super capacitor | Read Article

FashionUnitedDVF to present collection via virtual reality | Read Article

AlphrAmazon wants to put an Echo on your face with a range of Alexa-powered smart glasses | Read Article

MashableFitbit’s first smartwatch, the Ionic, can’t compete with the Apple Watch | Read Article

WareableTrying on Vue’s smartglasses: There’s nothing to see in this stealth hearable | Read Article

19 September 2017

TheVergeThese concept smart glasses let you control your phone by scratching your nose | Read Article

PSFKSustainable Leather From Nike Recycles Materials And Cuts Water Use By 90% | Read Article

3Ders.OrgDesigner Simone Leonelli’s ‘Blurred Boundaries’ between art, fashion, and 3D printing | Read Article

WallstreetPitHuman Brain Gets Connected to the Internet for the First Time | Read Article

iConnect007Thin, Flexible Device Could Provide Efficient Cooling for Mobile Electronics – or People | Read Article

Inc.comThis Hi-Tech Shirt Knows More About You Than You Know About Yourself | Read Article

SJOnlineCan Performance and Sustainability Coexist in Apparel? | Read Article

18 September 2017

InverseResearchers Develop Solar Cells That Can Be Sewn Onto Clothing | Read Article

Israel21cA cotton that can kill germs and viruses on contact | Read Article

ForbesAll The Tech Plans For Tommy Hilfiger’s LFW Show | Read Article

17 September 2017

CityAMAmazon tests one-hour fashion delivery from catwalk to doorstep at London Fashion Week | Read Article

14 September 2017

WashingtonPostThe new Apple Watch fixes the worst thing about the old one | Read Article

TheVergeWhich Apple Watch should you buy? | Read Article

IMechE | Tiny sensor with huge range is a ‘game-changer’ for wearable technology | Read Article

SGBOnline | Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator Explores The Future Of Textiles | Read Article

12 September 2017

WareableThe Apple Watch could soon detect abnormal heart rhythms | Read Article

11 September 2017

FastCoDesignHow Adidas Cracked The Code Of 3D-Printed Shoes | Read Article

EngadgetTeaming humans with robotic AI will remake modern manufacturing | Read Article

TelegraphThe Internet of Things will kill privacy for good unless we act now | Read Article

10 September 2017

TRTWorldJapanese researchers introduce revolutionary smart clothing | Read Article

PCMag | Why There’s No Technology on the Runway This Season | Read Article

9 September 2017

MashableIlluminate your wardrobe with a skirt that actually lights up | Read Article

InfluenciveFashion Retailer H&M Goes High Tech With New Secret Project | Read Article

BusinessInsider | These new smartwatches prove that fashion and tech need to work together | Read Article

CNet | Apple Watch 3: What we know, what we expect, what I want | Read Article

8 September 2017

WiredHow Apple Finally Made Siri Sound More Human | Read Article

TechCrunchWhy I still wear the Apple Watch | Read Article

StraitsTimes | E-skin smart shirt monitors fitness and health | Read Article

PlasticsToday | Hybrid 3D printing with thermoplastic urethane creates low-cost, mechanically robust wearables | Read Article

7 September 2017

mHealthIntelligence | mHealth Wearables May be Moving Closer to Clinical Acceptance | Read Article

5 September 2017

DigitalJournalDevelopers of wearables need to understand skin science | Read Article

TheIndependent | Entrupy: New fashion app tells you if your designer handbag is fake | Read Article 

4 September 2017

AndroidCommunityAlcatel releases a new line of connected wearables called MOVE | Read Article

EngadgetJaguar’s steering wheel of the future revolves around AI | Read Article

Gadgets360Apple’s AirPods Account for 85 Percent of US Sales of Totally Wireless Earbuds: Report | Read Article

FashionUnitedAccenture to partner New York Fashion Tech Lab for 2018 | Read Article

TheNational | Echo: New Dubai festival looks at what happens when art, design and technology converge | Read Article

FuturismThis Biotech Clothing Automatically Ventilates When You Start to Sweat | Read Article

2 September 2017

MashableHallelujah, wearable tech is finally getting better | Read Article

1 September 2017

QuartzIt seems like Apple’s AirPods are a hit | Read Article

ForbesWhy This Fashion Tech Company Pivoted From Brand Collaborations To Vibrating Yoga Pants | Read Article

MacRumorsNearly Half of All Smartwatches Shipped Last Quarter Were Apple Watches | Read Article

ZDNetWearables go hybrid as smart watches, fitness trackers merge | Read Article

MobileMarketing | Samsung unveils three new fitness-orientated wearables | Read Article

31 August 2017

ForbesMarc Jacobs Unveils Its First-Ever Smartwatch | Read Article

PSFKAmazon’s Latest Feature Is An AI That Designs Clothes By Looking At Pictures | Read Article

BOFHow Blockchain Could Boost the Fashion Industry | Read Article

PatentlyAppleThree Major Smart Fabric Patents Surfaced today Focusing on Smart Clothing, Wearables & Future Devices | Read Article

TheVergeSony’s new wireless earbuds include noise-cancellation technology | Read Article

WareableNest’s new Thermostat E blends better into your home and budget | Read Article

QuartzThe future of trend prediction will come from tech innovators, not fashion designers | Read Article

BoF Technology Is Eating Fashion | Read Article

30 August 2017

BoFThe Robot Startup Using Static Electricity to Make Nike Sneakers | Read Article

FuturismA Bionic Pop Superstar is Going to War for Science | Read Article 

CNETCalling all fitness freaks: Samsung’s new wearables want you | Read Article

28 August 2017

Luxury DailyArtificial intelligence could be a major fashion force in the near future | Read Article

25 August 2017

GlamourThis Women’s Equality Day, Brooklyn Decker and Whitney Casey Want More Women in Fashion Tech | Read Article

FastCoDesign | This T-Shirt Sewing Robot Could Radically Shift The Apparel Industry | Read Article

22 August 2017

Racked10 Things You Can Do to Shop More Sustainably | Read Article

PhoneArenaApple AirPods shipping times finally down to 2-3 weeks | Read Article

HuffPostFitness Tracker Market Is Dying – But New Sensors And Complex Devices Could Offer Life After Death | Read Article

EurekalertStretchable biofuel cells extract energy from sweat to power wearable devices | Read Alert

BOFWhat Happened to Wearables? | Read Article

21 August 2017

TextileWorld | Phoseon Technology: Manufacturers Increasingly Turn To UV LED Technology For Filament Coating | Read Article

DigitalTrendsLifesaving smart fabric can detect and neutralize deadly nerve gas | Read Article

MissouriSandT | ‘Fashnology’ a factor for picking wearable devices, researchers find | Read Article

20 August 2017

ScienceDaily | Silk could improve sensitivity, flexibility of wearable body sensors | Read Article

19 August 2017

DigitalJournal | New wearable predicts if you’re getting flu | Read Article

18 August 2017

Wareable | It feels like we’re on the edge of something big… and it’s all in the sensors | Read Article

BusinessInsiderFacebook is working on futuristic smart glasses — here are new details | Read Article

iDBApple Watch Series 3 is in final testing phase | Read Article

WCCFTech | Apple Watch Total Shipments Are Estimated to Reach 15 Million for 2017 | Read Article

EcoBusiness | This company wants to make the fashion industry sustainable using blockchain | Read Article

17 August 2017

HuffPost | Technology is Shaping the Future of Fashion | Read Article

NYTimesJun Takahashi, the Sorcerer of Fashion | Read Article

AFRmag | Why Iris van Herpen leads the 3D fashion pack | Read Article

HuffPost | How To Create The Perfect Smartwatch (Unsolicited Advice For Swiss Watch Makers) | Read Article

14 August 2017

MIT | How Your Apple Wireless Earbuds Could Double as Hearing Aids | Read Article

Racked | Sun-Protective Clothing Is Worth It (And It’s Not All Ugly) | Read Article

11 August 2017

ForbesApple watchOS 4 Developers’ Beta 5 Now Live — With One Cool Benefit | Read Article

10 August 2017

DigitalTrendsWe’re in spitting distance! This new paper-thin battery is activated by saliva | Read Article

WareableNiche wearables need to go all out – or not at all | Read Article

Forbes | New Fitbit Smartwatch Images Reveal Heart Rate Tech | Read Article

Alphr | These bio-batteries are the future power source the world needs | Read Article

MashableBeat the cold with the PolarSeal heated sports pullover | Read Article

WareableOK Computer: The present and future of AI in wearables | Read Article

9 August 2017

IEEESpectrum | A True Random Number Generator Built From Carbon Nanotubes | Read Article

8 August 2017

Co.Design | Voice Interfaces Are Here. Are They Necessary? | Read Article

7 August 2017

AlleyWatch | NYC Women in Tech: Stephanie Benedetto of Queen of Raw | Read Article

PSFKWhen Designing Wearables, Don’t Put The Technology First | Read Article

iMeche | New wearable sensor just wants to make you sweat | Read Article

6 August 2017

Forbes | HomePod Code Leak Suggests All-New Third-Gen Apple Watch With Brilliant Feature | Read Article

5 August 2017

PICKRHuawei, Vodafone ready with totally mobile 4G Android smartwatch | Read Article

DrapersThe fashion retail of the far future | Read Article

Engadget | Smartwatches are relying on fashion brands to survive | Read Article

MacRumors | Apple Watch Has Now Surpassed Estimated 30 Million Shipments Since Launching in 2015 | Read Article

3 August 2017

PhysOrgGlasses generate power with flexible organic solar cells | Read Article

2 August 2017

NewAtlas | Are creepy-crawly clothing robots the future of fashion? | Read Article

1 August 2017

DigitalTrends | Sensor-packed smart belt could help Parkinson’s patients stay on their feet | Read Article

22 July 2017

MashableThis bracelet wants to shock you if you start falling asleep at the wheel | Read Article

Futurism | The World’s Most Advanced Wireless Earphones May Finally Be Here | Read Article

21 July 2017

ForbesBiotech Gets The Luxury Nod With Bolt Threads X Stella McCartney Tie-Up | Read Article

VanderBiltUltrathin device harvests electricity from human motion | Read Article

20 July 2017

TheVergeBeats Just Announced Its Newest Designer Collaboration & It’s One Your Ears Need | Read Article

WiredThe Wearables Giving Computer Vision to the Blind | Read Article

DigitalTrendsAtari’s latest release isn’t a console or a game — it’s a ridiculously high-tech hat | Read Article

19 July 2017

ThePanopticAerospace Materials in Fashion | Read Article

RoadtoVRGoogle Glass is Back, Glass ‘Enterprise Edition’ Unveiled | Read Article | 3D printed ‘earable’ sensor can measure and track your body’s core temperature | Read Article

15 July 2017

HuffPostInnovative Wellness Startups to Watch | Read Article

The Irish TimesAre we ready for the Airbnb of clothing? | Read Article

9 July 2017

VentureBeat | Can AI fix the fashion industry? | Read Article

CityAM | Fashion technology startup Metail raises £10m from Hong Kong’s TAL to become “Google of size and shape” | Read Article

8 July 2017

EdgyLabsFlexible Electronic Update: Carbon Nanotubes Make for Stronger, Conductive Textiles | Read Article

IoTForAll | The Future of Wearable Technology – 3 Key Drivers | Read Article

DigitalTrends | Apple Files Patents that could Transform AirPods | Read Article

6 July 2017

AsiCentral | Smart Clothing and the Future of Apparel | Read Article

DesignWeekRCA reveals winners of Helen Hamlyn Awards 2017 | Read Article

ForbesFashion Forward: How Entrepreneurs Are Making Tech + Fashion Marketing Cool | Read Article

DW.comFashion Goes Future Tech in Berlin | Read Article

5 July 2017

AndroidHeadlines | Report: Samsung’s Bixby-Powered Speaker Is Codenamed ‘Vega’ | Read Article

LinkedIn | 8 Hottest Tech Trends in 1776 | Read Article 

Fashion BeansHold Off On Laundry Day – There’s A New Hanger That’ll Clean Your Clothes | Read Article 

Strait TimesMontblanc out to conquer the Summit of smartwatches | Read Article 

4 July 2017

TechRadar | Speedo On could give your wearable a swim-tracking upgrade | Read Article

Wareable | This miniature sensor holds the secret to better wearable battery life | Read Article 

Gadgets & WearablesWearables that know if you’ve had a few too many | Read Article 

2 July 2017

MashableWhy AirPods will eventually come free with every iPhone | Read Article

TheVerge | These $3,000 headphones roll up like a metal link bracelet | Read Article

VentureBeat6 voicebot challenges and opportunities | Read Article

1 July 2017

VentureBeat | Wearable AI is the next hot tech trend | Read Article

Vogue | 10 Questions for Iris van Herpen as She Prepares to Celebrate 10 Years of Fashion Innovation at Couture | Read Article

29 June 2017

TheGuardianAI in your earphones? The brave new world of hearables | Read Article

GeekyGadgets | Here One Wireless Smart Noise Cancellation Earbuds Now Available | Read Article

TechAcuteAre F.Lashes the Fashion Tech Cosmetics of the Future? | Read Article

28 June 2017

WareableQualcomm’s new Snapdragon 1200 wants to enable a new generation of kids trackers | Read Article

InnovationInTextilesHigh technology meets fashion at Avantex Paris | Read Article

TheMemoPanasonic clothes hanger stops stinky smells & pollen | Read Article

GineersNow | The World’s First Wearable In-Ear Thermometer | Read Article

27 June 2017

Bloomberg | The Next Frontier of Fitness Gadgets Is Here, and I Tested All of Them | Read Article

The GuardianLap of luxury: Net-a-Porter opens tech hub in London | Read Article 

26 June 2017

DigitalTrendsGet your new pair of Nike sneakers using augmented reality in the SNKRS app | Read Article

EsquireThe Man Who’s Making Nike More Sustainable | Read Article

DrapersNew manufacturers trade show to launch in London | Read Article

ForbesHow This Startup Is Using Tech To Chase The Holy Grail Of Footwear: Comfortable High Heels | Read Article

25 June 2017

NewAtlasFlexible, self-healing wearable device harvests energy from body heat | Read Article

SBC | Future problem-solvers design, build and code their way through Explore Engineering projects | Read Article

TechRadarIs stress tracking the future of well-being tech? | Read Article

3Ders | These 3D printed honeycomb-inspired garments are un-bee-lievable | Read Article

22nd June

ForbesMeet The Woman Disrupting The African Fashion Industry With Technology | Read Article

HuffPostUKWhat Technology Is The Must-Have For Fashion Bricks And Clicks This Season? | Read Article

20 June 2017

INCHow to Raise Kids That Can Outcompete Robots for Jobs | Read Article

Uproxx | The Future Of Fabric Is More Beautiful And Complicated Than You Think | Read Article

BostonGlobe | MIT lab shows off smart threads that can send messages, change color | Read Article

16 June 2017

BusinessInsider | This wearable looks like a nice bracelet, but it also tracks calories, steps & guides you through meditations | Read Article

Fibre2FashionBemis to show Sewfree sportswear solutions at Outdoor | Read Article

Wareable | The best smart speakers: A beginner’s guide to voice controlled smart home hubs | Read Article

15 June 2017

NYPostFashion Institute of Technology set for major expansion | Read Article

HuffPostUKSustainable Fashion: Activewear Brand Sundried Has Turned Recycled Coffee Beans Into Clothing | Read Article

WareableTranslate One2One earpiece promises to translate languages in just seconds | Read Article

14 June 2017

TheDrumCentre for Fashion Enterprise engage Rooster Punk to help fashion entrepreneurs compete The Drum stories | Read Article

Refinery29What Is The High Street Actually Doing About Sustainability? | Read Article

SiliconRepublic | 5 amazing jobs that combine fashion and technology | Read Article

12 June 2017

San Francisco Chronicle | How Apple AirPods could make future hearing aids cool | Read Article

Design Boom| Behnaz farahi’sbodyscape‘ syncs human bodily movement with LED light | Read Article

1 June 2017

NetworkWorld | Fashion meets technology: A new era in wearables evolution | Read Article

30 May 2017

TheVergeHuawei Watch 2 review: a fitness focus that falls flat | Read Article

Vogue | How IBM has predicted the future of Indian fashion | Read Article

Wareable | It’s only a matter of time before earphones become hearables | Read Article

26 May 2017

WareableSustainable wearable tech is finally being taken seriously | Read Article

23 May 2017

MacRumorsIKEA Trådfri Smart Lighting System to Get Apple HomeKit Support | Read Article

TheVergeNike’s new Apple Watch bands match their sneaker counterparts | Read Article

Scroll.In | Watch: Google and Levi’s want you to run your technology life with a jacket you wear | Read Article

ForbesFuture of Kids Wearables: More Than Just Tracking Devices | Read Article

WallstreetPit | This Super Sensor Could Make An Entire Room Super Smart | Read Article

22 May 2017

NewsBytesMIT engineer developed wristband to detect human emotions | Read Article

InnovationInTextiles | Future of textiles from and for space discussed at Techtextil | Read Article

20 May 2017

MultiBriefs | Printed electronics allow technological leap in wearable devices | Read Article

CoinTelegraph | Internet of Things and Blockchain Technology: How Does It Work? | Read Article

WareableSchalke unveil new smart jersey that lets fans pay from the shirt | Read Article

SpringWise | Fashion tech company launches 3D foot scanner for shoe shopping | Read Article

NewAtlas | Bass-thumping pack brings new meaning to “backbeat” | Read Article

19 May 2017

NewAtlas | Smart T-shirt monitors if you’re breathing easy | Read Article

Wareable | On the horizon: The state of real-time translation hearables | Read Article

11 May 2017

ForbesWith Echo Show, Amazon Seizes The Lead In The Race To Artificial Intelligence | Read Article

WareableKyocera’s headphones want to help track your health from within the ear | Read Article

9 May 2017

WareableThis Supa Powered smart sports bra is a mash up of neon, heart rate and AI | Read Article

MobiHealthNewsTeenage inventors show off prototype for cancer-detecting bra | Read Article

CIOOne day wearables will save your marriage | Read Article

ExperientiaWhy service design is the new black — Intel’s Todd Harple on fashion tech | Read Article

HighSnobietySurprise Surprise, the Fashion Industry Isn’t as Sustainable as It Should BeRead Article

7 May 2017

BigThinkStartup Promises Immortality Through AI, Nanotechnology, and Cloning | Read Article

WareableGE’s futuristic Alexa lamp gets a release date | Read Article

Telegraph | The Internet of Things: Could it really change the way we live? | Read Article

5 May 2017

CCTNews | Research Leads To A Golden Discovery For Wearable Technology | Read Article

JapanTimes | Designers get connected to young crowd via ‘smart’ clothes | Read Article

RedBullBlog | Top 8 pieces of fashion tech you can slip into now | Read Article

4 May 2017

WareableHow to style your smartwatch with the Mens Spring/Summer 17 trends | Read Article

MotleyFool | Apple, Inc. Has Sold More Than $5.1 Billion in Wearables Over the Past Year | Read Article

2 May 2017

MarketWatch | Nike’s high-tech denim suggests the next trend in jeans will be function over fashion | Read Article

PaperCity | Beyonce and Lady Gaga’s Tech Fashion Queen | Read Article

DigitalJournal | 66 Brilliant Women in Creative Technology | Read Article

30 April 2017

MIT Technology Review10 Breakthrough Technologies 2017 | Read Article 

29 April 2017

Betanews | There are four types of AI: Here’s how you can recognize them | Read Article

WareableA winner’s guide to defending your wearable tech life choices | Read Article

AppleInsider | A very false narrative: Apple Watch and the future of wearables | Read Article

28 April 2017

FastCoDesignWearables Aren’t Dead, But They Deserve To Die | Read Article 

Digital Trends |Omni-Wearables’ Faceshot Sunglasses Are Equipped With A Built-In Video Camera | Read Article

19 April 2017

SMHerald | SUSTAINABLE STYLE: Stella McCartney just proved mending stuff is cool | Read Article

Vogue | Just in Time for Earth Day—3 Ethical, Sustainable Shoe Labels That Are Actually Chic | Read Article

18 April 2017

Dazed | Iris van Herpen to be celebrated in an exhibition | Read Article

Wareable | LifeBEAM’s AI coach Vi has arrived, and you might actually want to be her friend | Read Article

16 April 2017

TechCrunch | Smart running shoes won’t make you faster, but they could help you avoid getting hurt | Read Article

9 April 2017

Mashable | Your AirPod case could become a waterproof, wireless charging station for all the devices in your pocket | Read Article

TheGuardianFrom cotton fields to high street racks, fashion bids to be 100% sustainable | Read Article

Refinery29 | These Tees & Hoodies Promise To Last You Until 2047 | Read Article

8 April 2017

WareableHow 5G on wearables will make the smartphone era look like a warm-up | Read Article

InformationAgeThe future of tech in healthcare: wearables? | Read Article

SustainableBrands | Reebok ‘Growing’ Compostable Footwear from Cotton + Corn | Read Article

Brit&co | WTF?! H&M Wants to Make Clothing Out of Poop | Read Article

AltiumBlogFlexible PCBs and the Internet of Things: How the Landscape of PCB Design is Rapidly Changing | Read Article

7 April 2017

PatentlyAppleApple Patents Reveal High-Tech Fabrics for Future Apple Products | Read Article

BOF | Can Luxury Challengers Take Burberry’s Digital Crown? | Read Article

6 April 2017

Wareable | Polar’s M430 watch is going to take your heart rate seriously | Read Article

VarsityWearing your tech on your sleeve, literally | Read Article

BillionaireComputer Couture: 3D-printed FashionRead Article

WareableHow to style your smartwatch with the Spring/Summer 17 trends | Read Article

3 April 2017

WareableBlackberry could be gearing up to launch its own wearables | Read Article

1 April 2017

Business Insider | The 5 best pieces of smart jewelry you can buy | Read Article

SustainableBrands McDonough Innovation’s Fashion for Good Is Redefining How We Design, Make, Reuse Fashion | Read Article

WareableWhen will your smartwatch get the Android Wear 2.0 update | Read Article

31 March 2017

Mashable | Lyft actually followed through on making a wearable that was created as a joke | Read Article

PhoneArena | T-Mobile ONEsie is a full body wearable that keeps your phone charged all day | Read Article

TextileWorldLectra To Showcase Its Support For Education At The 2017 CFDA Fashion Education Summit | Read Article

30 March 2017

TheVergeIndie smartwatches are doomed as long as Apple and Google have control | Read Article

DigitalistWhat Will The Internet Of Things Look Like In 2027? 7 Predictions | Read Article

ReviewedYou should never let your kids use your earbuds—here’s why | Read Article

InnovationInTextiles | Techtextil to present high-tech textiles for medical applications | Read Article

Wareable | Owlet launches new smart sock for newborn babies alongside health platform | Read Article

27 March 2017

LongevityWearable Tech Keeps You Healthy And Stylish In 2017 | Read Article

HuffingtonPost | What Wearable Tech Got Wrong (And How to Fix It) | Read Article

TechWireAsia | Apple ramps up foray into augmented reality tech, working on wearables | Read Article

YonHapScientists develop thermoelectric graphene | Read Article

MacWorld | BeatsX review: Just as magical as the AirPods, but more comfortable and convenient | Read Article

26 March 2017

EEHeraldSmart and connected IoT sensors for your IoT edge design | Read Article

CIO | Why smart clothing is the future of smartwear | Read Article

25 March 2017

AndroidCom Misfit Vapor will be running on Android Wear 2.0 | Read Article

NewsObserverSmartwatches don’t impress and here’s why | Read Article

24 March 2017

PCMag Inside the School That’s Designing Your Next Car (and Wearable) | Read Article

TechCrunchThis sensory wearable is designed for flirting | Read Article

Fibre2Fashion | Three reasons why sustainability in textiles is such a rage | Read Article

23 March 2017

Electronics360High Speed PIN Photodiode Enables Slim Sensor Designs for Wearables | Read Article

HarpersBazaar | Your Smart Watch Just Got A Chic Designer Upgrade | Read Article

Wareable | Michael Kors is making every single watch in its collection smart | Read Article

BOFWill Consumers Want Levi’s New ‘Wearable Tech’ Jacket? | Read Article

14 March 2017

TechRepublicWhy IBM’s speech recognition breakthrough matters for AI and IoT | Read Article

CBROnline Levi’s and Google project ‘Jacquard’ smart jacket price confirmed at SXSW | Read Article

10 March 2017

WWDThe New School’s Parsons and Panasonic Team for Wearable Prototypes at SXSW | Read Article

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3 March 2017

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