Sustainability Detected: Landfills Should Be Obsolete

Detected: Landfills Should Be Obsolete

Let's talk about Pollution, Greenwashing, and finally, what you've all been waiting for Circularity!

Climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution. These are three existential environmental threats identified by the United Nations. But what if I tell you that the fashion industry can play a major role in turning the tide?

Marije de Roos
Founder at Positive Fibers

Marije de Roos is an independent circular fashion researcher, whose work at the intersection of science, design, and technology is directed towards creating a new paradigm for fashion. With a background as an economist, Marije specialises in interrogating the true state of sustainability, challenging brands to move beyond baseless sustainability statements, and empowering consumers to make better-informed choices. She is also a contributor to The Interline.

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