The Circular Detective DETECTED : Greenwash storm ahead

DETECTED : Greenwash storm ahead

Singles' Day happened, and Black Friday & Cyber Monday are approaching soon. I fear for a greenwash storm. I've collected a few articles and reports that I highly recommend you read.

COP26 was nerve-wrecking, right? I think we as individuals have more power than we think we may have. This starts with our purchase decisions. Speaking of, I’d like to share my forecast for a Greenwashing Storm that lies ahead.

  • Greenwashing storm incoming
  • You can now anonymously share your suspicion of “CIRCU-LIARS”
  • Knowledge is power to nip greenwashing in the bud
  • New report on the fashion terrorist that is called SHEIN

Just like I’ve been doing since late 2018, I’d love for everyone to stop feeding the monster. The problem is, the monster is often a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothes.

That’s why I’m writing this newsletter; to help you see the forest for the trees.

Oh and I’ve last week launched a new page on my website, where everyone can anonymously report their suspicion of greenwashing, or as I call them : a CIRCU-LIAR 😉 


With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, I am writing this quick newsletter to warn for a Greenwash Storm that I forecast will happen in the coming weeks… To bring what’s ahead of us under your attention. Please share with everyone you think should know about who is greenwashing us and how.


Red is a color that immediate draws attention from our brains and then eyes. This is why H&M and other fast fashion brands used to put up big SALE signs in red, as well as their discount tags are colored in it. 

Well, look what I found and just look around the high street shops:


How dare these brands educate consumers about sustainability, when they are the last to walk their talk. Give. Me. A. Break.

Please go learn from The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Eco-Age, Circle Economy or Fashion For Good instead. At least they talk with scientists. Thank you. 

I guarantee you, this is pure plastic !

Plastic comes from oil. Oil spills kill wildlife. #justsaying

Toiling away for Shein : Looking behind the shiny façade of the Chinese “ultra-fast fashion” giant.

“Arriving like a rocket from China! With a huge range of unashamedly cheap items of clothing and an aggressive social media presence, online clothing retailer Shein (pronounced “she-in”) is catching up with industry giants like H&M and Zara in the race for young women’s money and attention. Despite its glitzy online presence, the company behind the brand remains opaque.”

Read more here.

Greenwashing is disguising the reality of fast fashion; how it’s been exploiting natural resources, animals, and human beings.

Here are a few more examples of greenwashing by fashion giants:

I wanted to keep this one brief, but will leave you with my golden tip to be in control of greenwashing instead of it being in control of you next time you are being targeted by a (fast) fashion brand on Instagram.


Always ask a brand this : “What is your definition of sustainable?”

And trust your gut!

Marije de Roos
Founder at Positive Fibers

Marije de Roos is an independent circular fashion researcher, whose work at the intersection of science, design, and technology is directed towards creating a new paradigm for fashion. With a background as an economist, Marije specialises in interrogating the true state of sustainability, challenging brands to move beyond baseless sustainability statements, and empowering consumers to make better-informed choices. She is also a contributor to The Interline.

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