Ready To Transition to Alternative Fashion Brands? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks.

More and more consumers are not only choosing fashion brands whose values align with theirs, but they are also increasingly expecting companies to be a lot more transparent about how they do business.

There is no denying that today’s customer journey is complicated. They not only “expect” a new standard, but the consumer is also changing the direction of trends and shifting the fashion system towards greener initiatives and rising awareness of animal products and animal cruelty. Looking beyond the label, the conscious consumer is beginning to educate themselves and understand that big or small, the changes they make do make a difference.

If You Invest in the Small, Do it with Gusto

As the pandemic continues to reshape the fashion industry, more consumers are researching so as to ensure that they are investing in clothes that mirror their social values. With the COVID-19 expected to reverberate through the industry in 2021, and 48.9% of consumers making a conscious effort to buy less stuff, according to GlobalData lead retail analyst, Sophie Willmott, it has become more imperative that we shop well. So that being said here are three brands that we, the consumer, are passing on to you to check out. 

KENGOS: The Plant-based Shoe That Doesn’t Compromise style, Comfort, or the Planet.

Kengos recently launched their first shoe, a patent-pending sneaker that combines functional design and modern material science. Named the Lace-Up, it has a distinct and innovative style based on the hand-crafted, glue-free 1KnotTM construction method that results in the eye-catching whipstitch detail.

Made of 98% plant-based materials, offering today’s customer Micah Heftman, Chief Product Officer at Kengos, shared: “This is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my fifteen years in the footwear industry.” He continues: “We took a classic shoe silhouette and reconstructed it from the bottom up. The Lace-Up feels familiar yet looks totally fresh.”

For Kengos the key is the company’s patent-pending 1KnotTM construction method. It binds the shoe together with a single cord and knot. The 1KnotTM technique not only results in the eye-catching whipstitch detail, but it also eliminates the need for adhesives.

On the method Dave Costello, Founder and CEO, “We’re setting a new standard for sustainability in the footwear industry. Our goal is to be 100% plant-based by the end of 2021 and to push for meaningful change in our country’s waste management infrastructure so that our shoes can be commercially composted.” 

The company’s R&D team has invested significant time to eliminate the use of petrochemical and animal materials in the midsole, upper and laces, and developed its natural rubber formulation (patent pending), resulting in the PureFlexTM outsole that is as strong as that of a work boot but breaks down 35 times faster in a landfill. Features and benefits of the Kengos Lace-Up include plant-based materials, including corn, eucalyptus, cork, natural latex, and natural rubber. Also for all-day comfort, they have included firm-yet-flexible support provided by the anatomical cork footbed that moulds to the wearer’s foot over time and the breathable AmaizeTM knit upper.

Priced $95.00, the Lace-Up is available in limited quantity for sale through a beta test. Beta participants have the opportunity to wear shoes before anyone else and play an active part in the product development process. 

LOST GRAIL: Promoting Sneaker and Streetwear Culture with Limited-Edition Sustainable Tees.

London-based fashion label Lost Grail is a fashion label deeply rooted within the London sneaker and streetwear culture. Built with the mindset that collaborating with artists and designers is the way forward, Lost Grail has drawn the attention of influencers like ‘Sneaker and Fashion’ blogger KaiKo.  

On a mission to provide the sneaker community with limited edition + premium quality apparel, the founder told FashNerd: “Lost Grail is a sustainable lifestyle brand that promotes the global sneaker community and culture. Each Lost Grail apparel drop is designed to be paired exclusively with the most coveted sneaker releases.”

Since officially launching at the beginning of September 2020, the Tokyo Homecoming tee in mint green with classic “Lost Grail City” logo has proved to be the front runner. Creative Director behind the Lost Grail designs explained: “The Tokyo Homecoming tee is repping London – the home of our brand. On the back of the tee we reinforce Jordans brands Tokyo theme through an orange boarding birthplace acting two of the worlds most influential streetwear cities”. 

Offering limited edition earth-friendly tees designed specifically to be paired with some of the most desirable and exclusive drops of the year, prices start from £40.00. 

PYRATES: Fully Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly

Pyrates first capsule collection was a merger between their technology and premium organic fabric. Designed to benefit the skin and body, the active components heal, soothe and care for your body. PYRATES’ unique technology is not injected nor added; it is embedded in the fabric and thus has no expiration date. 

Their PYRATEX material is also fully biodegradable and produced in an environmentally friendly manner, using only products and techniques that are harmless for nature. Revolutionising everyday clothing through smart fabrics that care and protect your body and skin, PYRATEX fabrics have proved to be ideal for underwear, sportswear, loungewear and Activewear.

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