Hohenstein Launches New 3D Digital Fitting Lab.

Hohenstein, an international testing partner in the textile industry, is giving brands, retailers and suppliers access to advanced fitting and visualization services to implement their 3D design process.

There is a new Digital Fitting Lab in town. The work of Hohenstein’s seasoned engineers, 3D fitting experts and pattern designers, the Digital Fitting Lab utilizes Hohenstein’s in-depth knowledge of pattern making and fit development. With access to Hohenstein’s material testing lab for digitizing material parameters, the lab offers digital design technologies, to reduce physical prototypes and material waste, shorten development times, develop more accurate fit across sizes and create engaging imagery for sales and marketing.

Eliminating physical prototypes enables efficient, flexible design edits and shortens development time. ©Hohenstein

Hohenstein’s clothing engineers have been industry leaders in fit testing and development since 1946. The knowledge behind the Digital Fitting Lab is fueled by continuous research to create solutions for enhanced fit, including motion studies and moving avatars

Want to Successfully and Efficiently Translate Your 3D Designs into Well-Fitting Products?

It is no secret that most fashion businesses who work with to review and optimize their processes, adapt them to 3D. If you want to implement an effective digital workflow, then Digital Fitting Lab covers all requirements when it comes to successfully and efficiently translating 3D designs into well-fitting products.

With 70+ years of experience under their belts, Hohenstein’s clothing engineers provide the education, research and support needed to transform design processes and perfect fit. © Hohenstein

Hohenstein takes into account the knowledge and the measurements of the target group, and they apply life-like representation of the target group because they believe that it is key to designing across sizes. Taking a holistic knowledge of shapes, construction and material, Hohenstein’s engineers and 3D fitting experts have worked on reliable methods for successful 3D fitting to introduce features like Fit in motion (4D) because they believe that movement affects fit and appearance; fit affects movement.

Available for companies at any phase of the 3D development process, the Digital Fitting Lab customizes services for use with various 3D simulation software, dependent upon accurate and consistent material parameters. It is also worth noting that digitized parameters must meet the requirements of multiple systems to produce a realistic simulation of material behaviour and precise fit.

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