Talk Coverage: Li Edelkoort; We Are This Earth

At 4 pm on Tuesday 3rd of September, Li Edelkoort took to the Keynote Stage of the Keyhouse to talk about future trends for 2020/21.

Lidewij Edelkoort is a leading Trend Forecaster originally from the Netherlands, currently residing in Paris. She Founded Trend Union which later branched into Studio Edelkoort, with offices in New York and Tokyo. In September 2015 she was hired to oversee a new textile design program at Parsons School of Design, where she currently serves as Dean of Hybrid Studies.

Her focus was primarily on nature and the earthly tones within it; how we are activists seeking to reignite our relationship with Mother Nature and how this will translate into our wardrobes.

Growing awareness will lead to radical change” Edelkoort explained

“Growing awareness will lead to radical change” Edelkoort explained in front of a slideshow of stunning imagery displaying youthful takes on nature. She described how we would look to use robust fibres as a way of focusing fashion on longevity over efficiency. 

Her line “beauty is a form of activism” struck with me profoundly because there’s so much beauty in nature and we are living in a time where nature is being greatly challenged and destroyed. We must seek to make less, but profoundly more beautiful. And, as Edelkoort so eloquently added, “infest clothing with life and soul.”

She described the “Hopeful Youth”, experimenting with Natural Dyes and how they influence the future; implementing softer, medium colours which reflect the natural blends of nature. 

Mentioning companies such as Veja who offer complete transparency in how they function – from the salaries of their employees to the process of manufacture for their products. 

It is clear, not only from listening to Edelkoort speak but also from seeing the trends arising throughout the entirety of Munich Fabric Start, that a sustainable rebellion has begun with no intention of slowing down. 

FashNerd interview with Li Edelkoort to follow soon.

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