The 5 Best Tech-Infused Sneakers of 2019 So Far

Meet the sneaker brands behind the innovation kickstarting a different kind of tech revolution.

The smart sneakers game has become a playing field for heavy hitters trying to stay ahead of the game by consistently re-energising the industry with tech infused footwear. Here are 5 of the best so far.

Puma: LQD CELL Origin

Puma who launched the LQD CELL Origin AR in April 2019. LQD CELL Origin AR is the sports company’s first augmented reality shoe. Designed to allow users to play interactive games, their latest offering is PUMA’s answer to a world in which the line between reality and the virtual realm becomes increasingly blurred.

WOMSH: Vegan Sneakers

Image Credit: WOMSH

WOMSH is an eco-conscious brand that has decided to make our shopping decisions easier by coming up with a vegan line of eco-friendly, sustainable trainers made from a plant-based leather. Partnering up with Frumat, a company that won the ‘Technology and Innovation’ prize at Green Carpet Fashion 2018, they came up with a 6-piece collection, made of 50% apple fibre and 50% polyurethane, that combines recyclability with craftsmanship.

Nike: Nike Adapt BB

There is a new basketball sneaker in town- the Nike Adapt BB. Not since the introduction of the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 in 2016, has there been such an electric buzz around the advancing custom fit of the freshest pair of shoes on offer. Described as a multipurpose performance sneaker, Nike’s latest product features power lacing activated by a custom motor and gear train that senses the tension needed by the foot and adjusts accordingly to keep the foot snug.

Puma: BioEvolution

Yes, we are mentioning Puma again. This time we are talking about their BioEvolution shoes. They are a pair of sneakers that have been designed to adapt to the wearer’s body uniquely. Although still at an experimental stage, with no commercial version planned at present, the sneakers have been catching the attention of many wearable tech enthusiasts and sneakerheads, who are curious about Puma’s BioEvolution project. Working in collaboration with the research organisation Fraunhofer Institute, it is a venture that has been conducted under the creative curation of Innovation by Design – a global, multidisciplinary design & strategy studio founded in 2014, as an MIT Design Lab spin-off.


There is a new line of plant-based performance sneakers that we are dying to get on our feet, the VIVOBAREFOOT’s Primus Lite Bio shoes available since May 2019, has been released on a limited run on VIVOBAREFOOT’s website, priced $160.00. On a quest to use 90-per cent sustainable materials across their entire product range by 2020, the company which was behind shoes made of repurposed algae, is hoping to make a significant impact on the planet. 

If we were to talk numbers, its worth noting that for every 50,000 pairs of shoes produced using sustainable materials equates to saving greenhouse gas emissions from 247,948 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle or reducing CO2 emissions from 11,286 gallons of gasoline consumed. In 2017, the company confirmed that they had diverted over 2 million plastic bottles from landfills into barefoot shoes.

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