Will, the Future of Car Interior, Be Fashionably Vegan?

German car manufacturer Volkswagen goes cruelty-free with vegan leather interior.

It seems like it is becoming quite fashionable for car manufacturers to take a moment to think about the material they use when it comes to furnishing the interior of their latest vehicle. With sustainability at the forefront of their decision-making, Volkswagen recently introduced its new electric car with vegan leather interior.

The forward-thinking German car manufacturer has invested in AppleSkin, a vegan leather made from apple juice waste. There is no denying that the faux leather feature gives the new Volkswagen car a slight eco edge over eco-conscious cars like Tesla’s Model X, a luxury electric SUV.

As we go forward into a future where sustainability is of great importance to consumers, the pressure on car manufacturers to make more eco-friendly cars has never as high. This probably why we are seeing companies like Volkswagen, Nissan, Audi, and Volvo producing electric vehicles that embrace vegan-friendly seating.

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