NEWS ROUNDUP: 5 Top-Trending Articles From The Week

Like to keep an eye on what is going on? Missed this week's top stories? Here is a quick news roundup from the week beginning 08.04.19.

It’s very easy for the news to pass you by in the week, so we decided to put together a round-up of the most important news stories from the past few days that you can read at your leisure over the weekend.

Ranging from the latest breaking news to insightful pieces, this is a roundup that will give you an original take on the news that happened over the past 5 days.

Here are top-trending tech stories from the week:

Physics-Based Fitting Simulation To Revolutionise Virtual Fitting Experience

Displays how much pressure is applied by the clothes to each body part in 360-degrees.

As AR technology continues to transform the fashion industry, are you ready for a more effective and convenient shopping experience? READ MORE…

Puma’s BioEvolution Project Introduces A Shoe That Adapts To The Body

Will Puma’s fashion tech exploration into materials, going to make them pioneers in the use of biodesign in sportswear?READ MORE…

Thanks Moschino, Now The Sims Have A Better Wardrobe Than Me

Moschino x The Sims Pixel Capsule collection, taps into pop culture nostalgia. READ MORE…

Orange Fiber x H&M Conscious Exclusive, Reinventing Fashion in a Greener Way

Let’s take a closer look at Orange Fiber, this year’s most sort after sustainable fabric that was used in H&M’s annual Conscious Exclusive collectionREAD MORE…

Crowdfunding Platforms, It’s Time For An Upgrade, Stat

Could the L U X E Bluetooth ear cuff, the latest startup to not reach its campaign goal, be a great example of why crowdfunding platforms are no longer the Valhalla for many fashion tech startups?READ MORE…

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