NEWS ROUNDUP: 5 Top-Trending Articles From The Week

Like to keep an eye on what is going on? Missed this week's top stories? Here is a quick news roundup from the week beginning 01.04.19.

It’s very easy for the news to pass you by in the week, so we decided to put together a round-up of the most important news stories from the past few days that you can read at your leisure over the weekend.

Ranging from the latest breaking news to insightful pieces, this is a roundup that will give you an original take on the news that happened over the past 5 days.

Here are top-trending tech stories from the week:

LVMH’s Blockchain Platform To Put the Power Back In The Customers Hands

LVMH Blockchain

Code-named AURA, it looks like LVMH has caught the Blockchain bug. READ MORE…

Would you pay £38k for a contactless luxury bracelet that lets you spend up to £200,000?

There is a new elegant piece of contactless technology that allows you to make substantial payments with the simple tap of your wrist. READ MORE…

Fashion School IFA Paris & Fashion Tech Company Neue Labs Bring Innovation to the Classroom

The talent at Neue Labs and the students of IFA Paris have come together to create a technology-forward capsule collection that innovates and disrupts.READ MORE…

Waking Up With My Voice Assistant Siri

Everyone has a morning routine. About six months ago, I decided to drastically change mine due to feeling so anxious waking up each morning with all the social channels flickering with messages & updates. READ MORE…

Intelligent Sleepwear Phyjama Promises To Give Us A Good Night’s Sleep

No need to go to bed with a gadget on your wrist, when you can wear your technology as a pyjama. READ MORE…

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