Flora Miranda’s ‘Deep Web’ Collection Explores Machine Learning For Fashion

We take a closer look at how Antwerp designer Flora Miranda's latest collection is using technology to shape the future of fashion and clothing production.

After being wowed by her Ready To Die presentation, I was excited to see more from Antwerp based designer Flora Miranda. Her latest collection ‘Deep Web’ explains the process of teaching a machine what clothing is and how it is produced. Glamourously technical, Miranda’s presentation, inspired by American transgender artist Amanda Lepore’s image, introduces the audience to the concept of ‘Machine Learning’. Each design from the SS19 range of the collection plays with feminine body shape

Playing upon the strict categorisation a computer implies, and the way computers deal with a fine variety of genders, the designer, who has executed projects for the likes of Iris Van Herpen, gave the computer a model to learn with while teaching it how clothing works. Her approach allowed her to explore ‘Machine Learning’ can be visualised through outfits that portray one step in the computer learning process.

Using technology to shape the future of fashion and clothing production, the box creator is making a name for herself by creating designs based on the debate around the future of technology, beauty and fashion. Her latest collection explores how fashion will evolve in the next 10 years, while inspiring others to develop, innovate and rethink fashion, “especially, because intelligent machines are the base of modern production processes”.

“Flora Miranda’s approach examines the future possibilities of fashion, an interdisciplinary artistic fundamental research.”

With the aim of speaking through clothing, Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Antwerp) graduate Flora Miranda’s mission is to challenge the obsolete notions of haute couture, by exploring physical boundary experiences that take place in real and virtual spaces. The latest press release explains: “She sees the body as pure information – a thought that makes it possible to send the body “like an e-mail”. By this novel, techniques are found and detached from design tradition or history.”

Winner of Rado Starprize Austria, Outstanding Artist Award for Experimental Fashion Design by BKA and Mittelmoda award for Technology, jury members (Stavros Karelis, Rosario Morabito, Branko
Popovic, Patricia Romatét) of the O.A. Award said on her work: “Flora Miranda ́s approach examines the future possibilities of fashion, an interdisciplinary artistic fundamental research. From this she delivers a completely new aesthetic with a surprising visual impact, in the fashion world that is dominated by citation she opens an independent position for herself.”

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