NEWS ROUNDUP: 5 Top-Trending Articles From The Week

Like to keep an eye on what is going on? Missed this week's top stories? Here is a quick news round-up from the week beginning 15.10.18

It’s very easy for the news to pass you by in the week, so we decided to put together a round-up of the most important news stories from the past few days that you can read at your leisure over the weekend.

Ranging from the latest breaking news to insightful pieces, this is a roundup that will give you an original take on the news that happened over the past 5 days.

Here are top-trending tech stories from the week:

5Walk The Walk With Digital Sustainability Marketing For Fashion

Digital Sustainability Marketing

As apparel brands attempt to clean up their act with a more ethical approach to the fashion business, it seems that now is the perfect time to start a conversation that focuses on digital sustainability marketing strategy. READ MORE

4Centre for Fashion Enterprise Explores the New ‘Age of Experience’ in Retail Tech

Centre for Fashion Enterprise’s Fashion Tech Project Officer, Ishwari Thopte, gives us a roundup on their 13th Meetup that took place this month at Campfire Shoreditch. READ MORE

3Digital Future of Fashion: 8 Startups to Watch from PI Apparel Milano 2018

Here are 8 startups from this year’s from PI Apparel, an event designed to explore the challenges and technologies disrupting the fashion, apparel and footwear industries. READ MORE

2Did You Know That 23 Per Cent Of Our Clothes Are Unworn?

The cycle of producing clothes which are poorly made, barely worn and quickly replaced, needs to be broken. READ MORE

1#WATCHANDSHOP The New Normal, Thanks To Shoppable Video Streaming Service ALECIA

ALECIA offers viewers the opportunity to simultaneously watch and shop from their favourite shows, all with the click of the remote or tap of the screen which begs the question will seamless shopping directly from content become the new face of e-commerce? READ MORE

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