Fashion for Good x C&A Launch Sustainable Jeans That Come With A Complete Bill Of Materials

Fashion for Good, the startup that enables the fashion industry to embrace innovation, collaborates with C&A on a new groundbreaking project centred on sustainability.

Fashion for Good, a global platform for innovation, has just announced the release of the world’s first comprehensive toolkit. Containing two ground-breaking tools for clothing manufacturers and fashion brands, the Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Denim and Materials toolkit enables fashion brands, retailers and manufacturers to get started on the development of genuinely circular products.

In June 2017 they developed the first part of its C2C How-To-Guide outlining the process and steps towards creating C2C Certified products, focusing on C2C Gold level certified T-shirts. Moving on to more complex garments, the second phase is now live with the Denim Guide and Almanac, presenting a complete toolkit for anyone who wants to develop complex C2C Certified collections. “This toolkit demonstrates that good fashion is possible today, and we hope that more manufacturers and brands will work towards circular products”, said Katrin Ley Managing Director Fashion for Good.

The Fashion For Good Tool Kit Put To Practice

Designed in partnership with Fashion for Good, the world’s first C2C Certified GOLD denim jeans were recently launched by fashion retailer C&A. The new range of sustainable jeans come with a complete Bill of Materials, which are exact details of what materials the jeans are made from. The high street store had to overcome a number of challenges which included being evaluated on things like recyclability or biodegradability, energy and water requirements and social fairness. The “Developing Cradle to Cradle Certified Denim” Guide highlights these key learnings and possesses practical solutions. With a strong representation of the practical supplier perspective, it offers guidance for manufacturers and brands looking to develop complex C2C garments. The toolkit also includes the complete Bill of Materials – the full recipe for the C&A jeans.


Jeffrey Hogue, C&A’s Global Chief Sustainability Officer on using the toolkit: “Designing the most sustainable jeans was a challenge where teams worked diligently for more than a year. William McDonough, Chief Executive McDonough Innovation and co-founder Fashion for Good adds: “By sharing inspiring new product development toolkits and guides, Fashion for Good is inviting everyone to come together now in collaborative advantage to co-create products that benefit people and the Earth.”

Developed in collaboration with C&A, EIG, EPEA Switzerland, MBDC and McDonough Innovation based on the Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard version 3.1, the toolkit is now available on the Fashion for Good website.

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