London Startup Moontrak Adds A Brand New Dimension To Wearable Tech

Moontrak Puts A New Spin on Mood, Sentiment And Emotion Tracking

Four days ago Moontrak launched their Kickstarter campaign. The London-based wearable technology startup is offering techies the chance to own a wearable tech accessory that combines fitness tracking, notifications with a tap-activated display with the moon, sun and zodiac. “Throughout time, the moon has been associated with increasing and decreasing energy cycles,” said Richard Borg, the company’s founder. “Our mission was to bring a new and easy way to stay in tune with the cycles and discover how they inspire daily life by packing innovative, user-friendly and original features into an attractive wearable.”

Image credit: Moontrak LTD

Founded in 2016 by Borg, Moontrak is a wearable technology design and development company that combines user-friendly mobile applications and stylish wearable technology to facilitate people’s awareness of life’s connection with the cycles and energies of the cosmos. The concept for the Moontrak wearable was conceived through a combination of Borg’s enthusiasm for astrology, ancient civilisations, philosophy, people’s
advancement through learning about life’s enigmas, a background in design and close following of the wearable technology sector.

The Bracelet in brown | Image credit: Moontrak LTD

With €5,258 of the €85,270 goal pledged so far, Moontralk was built to be worn as a bracelet or necklace pendant. Charming and personal, features include activity tracking that enables users to learn how the different moon phases influence their activity levels and sleep quality, notifications with subtle alerts oriented around the user’s star signs and moon phase and a new way to stay close to the moon, sun and zodiac with a real-time, tap activated the display.

The pendant | Image credit: Moontrak LTD

Available for iOS and Android, the great thing about the wearable device is that it has been designed to be quick and easy to use. With pre-order prices starting from £77 for super early bird Kickstarter backers, you can take your pick from a bracelet that comes in 3 colours- black, brown or teal, or a silver pendant. Back the campaign.

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