Biodegradable Vegan Footwear, The Next Big Thing Coming To You This Summer 2018

Vegan footwear Sydney Brown is definitely leading the way when it comes to investing in vegan alternatives and lab-grown leather.

Four years in the making, Sydney Brown is set to launch biodegradable footwear range this summer. The sustainable vegan shoe designer, who takes a holistic approach to design, always creates her collection in a way that respects the environment. Working with sustainable material development the brand has become known for revolving around the concept of “reverence for life”, especially when it comes to human, animal and the environment.

Photo Credit: Sydney Brown

Driven to make sure every element of her shoes is free of animal products, Brown’s PETA approved footwear uses non-animal fat glues developed in-house by adhesive chemists. She is also hoping in the not too distant future to develop ‘zero-waste’ technology that allows for the exact shoe pattern to be grown with cellular agriculture. For now Brown use fennel, a plant-based material. “[Fennel] has been the most surprising [material] because it’s so water resistant, and it’s very durable, and it’s been an amazing material,” said the designer.

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On plastic pollution, Brown told Vice,“We’ve had a very strong commitment to using as little plastic as possible. With every collection, we try to do a bit better.” With celebrities like Natalie Portman loving her 100% vegan shoes collection, Brown’s line of ethical footwear is available at fashion-forward retailer Urban Outfitters. Looking to the future, Brown hopes to design clothes, but first, we can look forward to the debut of her Spring/Summer handbag collection next year.

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