The BODY OPTIX Denim Specially Engineered For A Womanly Fit

Combining Lee's iconic denim with the innovation of laser contouring and shading, this is a collection that uses vision science to create products that fit, flatter and captivate.

There are many fashion products infused with technology out there that we are on the waiting list for, and one of those brands is Lee’s BODY OPTIX™ range. It is a collection of various denim designed to flatter the curves and body. Stylish and engineered to fit every woman’s figure in a flattering way, the BODY OPTIX collection combines the power of precision patterning and unique shading to achieve a longer, leaner and more lifted look.


Visually engaging, the jeans have been designed with geodesic shapes, which create a perkier backside by lifting and shaping the rear while also slimming and lengthening the legs. The contours of the pockets provide the visual cues for an attractive 3D shape. The denim finishing harnesses the shape and flatters the entire body. Like makeup contouring, laser applied finishes create precise lighting gradients based on ideal body proportions to shape and flatter the body.

Launching summer 2018, be the first to own a pair by signing up to be notified as soon as this collection is available.

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