From a Prototype to Manufacturing, 5 Startups That We Would Back

Meet the startups that are masters of their own idea.

We are not experts when it comes to recognising the brightest star in a sky full of stars, but we have written quite a few articles on startups and one of the lessons we have learnt is that ideas are cheap if they are not executed properly. This is why when we write about startups, we are usually drawn to products that will not only connect with consumers but will also have the power to make an everyday person’s life better and easier.


Losing your phone can be horribly inconvenient.  That is why we are excited about Safeskin. It is is an idea that we can thank Abel, Peter and Richard for. They are the men, along with Julia Sohajda and Richard Szilagyi, who have evolved an idea into an anti-theft phone case.

Driven by the need to find a solution that could prevent your mobile being stolen so easily, they came up with an anti-theft case that locks onto your phone and keeps it safe. The irremovable case allows you to input your colour code which means that if stolen your phone’s sleep/wake button will not allow your phone to be turned off. The case works with a stylish eye accessory that alerts you when your phone gets out of your safety range.

Safeskin was recently launched on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. For $75 USD (which is 40% Off $125 rrp) you will receive the full Safeskin package which includes the anti-theft Safeskin case for iPhones and the stylish Eye accessory, plus a keychain add-on. With 80 pieces available at this price, this is an offer that is available for limited time only. for our super early bird backers. Only 80 pieces of this so make sure to get your Safeskin fast!


PaMu is a pair of waterproof wireless earbuds with an ergonomic design that ensures that they never fall out! This is good news for those of us who are quite partial to an earbud. The lightweight and compact earbuds are packed with the kind of consumer-friendly technology that has seen the startup surpass their 10k goal. So far they have not only raised $410,435 USD thanks to 8350 backers they have also won Indiegogo’s prestigious Innovative Product 2018 award after it was tested and evaluated by Indiegogo engineers.


Available for $29 USD, for a limited time and limited quantity on Indiegogo, when charged PaMu easily connects to your smartphone ensuring that you are ready to go in seconds. Bragging intuitive Touch Control with Microphone, PaMu plays music and takes calls without requiring you to get your smartphone out of your pocket or handbag.

Q Sun

We love the sound of QSun the little wearable that can track your sun exposure. Helping you prevent skin damage while maintaining healthy vitamin D levels, Q Sun notifies you when you’re about to get sunburned so that you can keep doing what you love under the sun.

Boasting an advanced AI-powered wearable, the QSun device monitors and analyzes your sun exposure in real-time. The algorithm combines your current sun exposure with your skin type, environmental situation and sun safety habits to give you tailored recommendations. QSun has already raised €22,941 of their €18,820 goal, thanks to 379 backers. If you would like to take advantage of 54% OFF the rrp price of $198.00, you can get two QSun devices and Two years FREE subscription to the QSun App Pro for $92.00 on Kickstarter.


The modern technology that helps you optimise your well-being was developed in Austria by health experts, leading universities, and skilled programmers. They created Stappone using a dozen state-of-the-art textile sensors. Their goal was to make sure that it is capable of drawing a complete digital map of your body so you can understand your physical habits and improve them. Some of the bad habits it recognises and corrects include; fatigue, back pain, restricted movement, foot deformities, misalignment of the spine, musculoskeletal weakness and foot and neck pain.

With €35,911 of their €35,000 already pledged by 154 backers, you can take advantage of their try out package for €49.00 on Kickstarter. For your bucks, you will get to rent one full package of stappone insoles (which includes 1 pair of stappone insoles, APP (Android 6.0 and above & IOS 11.0 and above), 2 wireless chargers) for 14 days. If you like the product you can buy it for the amount of the stappone package (Kickstarter); the already paid amount will be deducted. If you don’t like it – you can return the insole!


Nireeka is a lightweight carbon fiber frame bike with smart features. Weighing only 35 lbs, the electric bicycle has a purpose-Built frame with hidden battery, built-in App (iOS, Android), a blind spot radar, a GPS navigator, an Anti-Theft system (GPS tracking) and an auto light that has 3 different lighting styles.

Sleek and functional, you can ride Nireeka as a normal bike or enjoy the 500w electric hub motor. Compatible with iOS and Android-based devices, we think that it is cool that when you are approaching your bike, your mobile connects to the bike using Bluetooth and unlocks it. Another tech perk is that the bike has built-in USB charger, which means that you can charge your device on the go. Although it is available in 4 different main colours you can customise it by choosing a colour you prefer, including print. Priced $869 USD on Indiegogo, the 45% discount on Nireeka Street will give you a 250W Motor, 7.2 Ah Lithium-ion Battery, Pre-preg Carbon Fiber Monocoque Frame, Shimano parts, Cable Disk Brake, Full Feature iOS/Android App, Thumb Throttle.

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