For One Day Only: The Tech Pranksters Are Back And Better Than Ever

It’s the calm before the storm.

The countdown to April Fools Day has already begun. Creating fake products has never been so cool, as big companies put their best foot forward by coming up with hoaxes and pranks designed to make fools of us all. I must admit I have fallen for a few because I am always in the mindset of anything is possible. This year, the pranksters have started early and of the many, we have selected four that nearly had us before common sense won over.

The Return of T-Mobile’s Sidekick

Who remembers T-Mobile Sidekick mobile phone? It was a popular way back in the late 90’s. Trading on the popularity of the phone, this April Fools’ Day, T-mobile introduce ‘the World’s First Smart shoe phone’. Bragging all the fashion tech capabilities of your smartphone are at your feet—literally, T-Mobile state that their rebooted Sidekicks are available on PRE-ORDER $65.00. 

Osmosis Pillow, A Revolutionary Way to Learn While You Sleep

I actually liked the idea of this pillow. I would buy it (if it was real). Chegg’s Osmosis Learning Pillow is a memory-foam pillow that helps you learn. Imagine this, you put your book under the pillow and then when you are asleep the knowledge goes directly into your head while you sleep. This revolutionary lifestyle tech way to learn while you sleep sounds like a dream, so would you buy into it if it were real.

Lick Access, Future Feature of Convenience?

These days if you do not want to type in a code to access your tech device, you can now use your voice, finger and even face go into your phone, now imagine licking your phone’s screen to gain access. Sounds rather unhygienic, but Voice biometrics company Pindrop has come up with an out of the box smartphone authentication concept that has Tongueprinting technology, that means you licking your phone screen to gain access could be a feature of convenience adopted by various tech companies in the not too distant future.

Stylish Pooches Be Hold

Retail tech success story Rent the Runway has come up with Rent the Runway For Dogs. This means that your furry friend can access the entire dream closet too. Owners also have the option of coordinating with their dogs for every day, special occasions or just because. I love how the faux service includes reviews of the stylish pooches. Now I can kind see this becoming real because there are people out there who really love their furry companions.

Fashion Tech
‘Rent The Runway For Dogs’, a Fashion tech success story?

Our advice is that in the coming days, be wary of any ‘too good to be true’ April fools jokes announcements from big brands, or even better yet, why not have a digital detox break for the next 3 days?

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