Omate x Nanoblock Smartwatch, Offering A New Frontier of Digital Parenting

Move into the age of digital parenting with the Omate x Nanoblock smartwatch for children.

Omate x Nanoblock smartwatch will debut at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year. The new wearable tech for children will be demoed at the Tata Communications’ booth – Hall 2 H30. Tata Communications is a leading digital infrastructure provider. They are paving the way towards a new frontier of digital parenting, and the Omate x Nanoblock is a great example of how they are doing this. Omate

Omate x Nanoblock smartwatchThe collaboration introduces to the wearables market a smartwatch that comes with built-in Tata Communications MOVE – IoT Connect™ SIM card which makes the watch capable of triangulating location using GPS, cellular networks and Wi-Fi hotspots for accurate positioning. Equipped with instant, secure, global connectivity straight out of the box, the Omate x Nanoblock has been designed to help parents stay connected with their children so they know exactly where they are when needed. Besides providing invaluable peace of mind, the Omate x Nanoblock also carries all location, messaging and video calling data over an end-to-end encrypted virtual private network (VPN), ensuring maximum security.

“Given the growing threat of cyber-crime, any device or application aimed at children must be safeguarded with the highest levels of security.”

“Given the growing threat of cyber-crime, any device or application aimed at children must be safeguarded with the highest levels of security,” said Laurent Le Pen, Founder & CEO, Omate. “What sets the Omate x Nanoblock apart from other children’s smartwatches is the extra security layer provided by the global private network of Tata Communications MOVE – IoT Connect™. It means that parents can keep track of and in touch with their kids in real-time, but no data on the network can be intercepted by unscrupulous individuals.”


Available in two colours, black and white, the Omate x Nanoblock software-defined capabilities thanks to Tata Communications MOVE – IoT Connect, make it easy for Omate to customise features and content with children’s needs in mind. Featuring a limited edition wristband by Japanese toy manufacturer Diabloc, key features include two-way voice chat services, location-based services to locate the watch via an app, SOS alert from the watch, pedometer, alarm, stopwatch, front selfie camera and a SIM card with 100mb data/month. Also, the smartwatch comes with exclusive Nanoblock straps and magnetic charger with USB data transfer.

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Bragging a 3-day battery life, the Omate x Nanoblock will be available for pre-order in April 2018 at Prices start from $179 including 1-year data plan. Shipping will begin in June 2018 exclusively in the US and in Europe.

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