CES2018: JunYi Liu, The Female Tech Powerhouse Behind Bone-conduction Audio Specs

Marrying ultimate personal listening with supreme style, Echo Music's  innovative range of wearable audio technology presented at CES2018.

Smart glasses are gaining momentum in the wearable tech space. The latest specs, presented at CES2018, come from ECHO Music. Promising to offer the ultimate audio experience, the  MusicLens are waterproof bone-conduction sunglasses (and glasses for prescription wearers) have been designed to play music and radio without cutting off the outside world. 

All About The Music

The MusicLens collection brags bone conduction technology that allows users to listen to their favourite tunes on command. There is no messy wires in sight by transmitting sound waves to the skull via vibrations. Boasting a premium sound-leak reduction system to stop the outside world from hearing the music, CEO and female tech powerhouse, founder of Kibey Culture, JunYi Liu, said: “We have brought together the very best bone conduction technology, audio playback and radio in order to deliver the premium Echo Music MusicLens range of wearable products. These wearable devices give us a glimpse of the future, where helpful technology will augment many everyday items to provide a better life experience.”

“These wearable devices give us a glimpse of the future.”

Users can download music via the echo Music app straight to their MusicLens glasses and play songs offline. With over 30 million users already, the echo Music app is available to pair with any iOS or Android device. The app offers streamed music and radio channels from around the globe for complete music flexibility. Then there is the standalone onboard MP3 storage for those times when ditching the mobile is helpful, or battery power is at a premium. A single-touch button answers phone calls from a paired iOS or Android smartphone and pauses playback.

For those who would like a little extra, there is the premium version, the Music Travel Version, extends this ingenuity to new heights, offering a video-player overlay within the lens and allows users to take photos or video without getting out their phone. This overlay provides mapping and navigational capabilities – even offline – to the already impressive roster of functions. Due in 2019, the MusicLens Music Travel Version is pioneering in discreet wearable technology.

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Other notable features include BLUETOOTH 4.2, auto answer call after 5 second and storage space up to 32GB.  With a battery life that lasts for up to 12 hours, users can change the level of darkness in the sunglasses depending on light levels and style choice, protecting the wearer’s eyes. The range of titanium alloy frame sunglasses are available in four colours. Prices start from $88.00 for the Daily Wear Style Myopia Glasses and go as high as $199 for the Music Style Fashion Sunglasses. All models will be available to buy from the MusicLens.

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