Stylish Mobile Phone in a Finger Nail Could Replace Smartphones by 2049

The age-old phrase ‘talk to the hand’ could become a reality as O2 has reveals the first-ever wearable tech nail that doubles up as a phone.

Wearable tech has taken an exciting turn thanks to O2, the commercial brand of Telefónica UK Limited. The digital communications company and mobile network operator revealed the first-ever mobile phone with a fingernail. This is not the first time that O2 has pushed boundaries. They previously explored the possibility of phones being built into bags and shoes, and now they are examining how tech meets nail art with the first ever mobile phone in a fingernail.


Mobile Technology Shaping The Human Body

Partnering up with inventor Sean Miles and beauty brand Nails Inc, this is a collaboration that explores how the evolution of mobile technology could affect customers of the future. Together, they came up with the Mobile Nail that was created using Bluetooth tech embedded into a slender form factor, utilising miniature Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth sensor pairs with a mobile handset that can be stored away in a pocket or bag, allowing the user to answer a call, play a song or redial the last dialled number just using the nail.

Mobile Technology

On the removable “handset” prototype that makes it possible for you to talk into it by raising your finger to your face, Nina Bibby from O2 shared: “The way our customers interact with one another will change drastically in the next thirty years, and as a brand we’ll need to adapt to this”.  She continued, “We are always looking ahead to the next developments in mobile and to be able to bridge the gap between fashion and tech is a really exciting challenge. People have been customising mobile phones for years, but this is the next step towards tech becoming part of how we decorate our bodies.”

“People have been customising mobile phones for years, but this is the next step towards tech becoming part of how we decorate our bodies.”

The beautifully designed prototype nails are an excellent representation of what expert futurologist Dr Pearson predicts. He recently stated that when it comes to the advances in embeddable and wearable technology, there is a lot of potential for the human body to replace smartphones by 2049. He foresees a future were tech advancements will play a key role when it comes to the development of mobile.

When Stylish Cuti-Calls

Attractive to the fashion conscious, the Mobile Nails can be modified with different nail art designs exclusively designed by Nails Inc. Customers will be able to take a call with the modified nail at the Nails Inc nail bar in Harvey Nichols London over the next week. Thea Green from Nails Inc said: “Trends in nail art develop and evolve as quickly as those in technology, with an incredibly engaged fanbase sharing their designs online as soon as the paint has dried. It’s exciting to think that in the future nail designs come become both a canvas for self-expression and a way to answer a call.

Fashion Tech

You might be thinking, why would they do this? Well, according to O2, 56% of the population is excited about augmenting and adapting our bodies, revealing that they would be happy to consider implants for practical purposes such as monitoring health (41%) and unlocking doors (23%). Now the question is what about the men, will they all be adorning 3-inch nail extensions in the future? I guess that remains to be seen.