Modius Wearable Headset Campaign Has Started A Neuroscience-led Revolution

There could be a safe and effective technological advancement that could play a significant role in the struggle of weight loss for millions of people.

We first heard about a new revolutionary weight management wearable headset, named Modius, from our friends at Wareable. It is a brainchild of Neurovalens, an independent careable tech™ company. They have designed a product that can help people get lean simply through stimulation of the vestibular nerve. Confident that they can help adults with weight-loss and weight management, we are excited to join their neuroscience-led revolution.


Founded by Dr. Paul McGeoch and Dr. Jason McKeown in 2015, Neurovalens focuses on using innovative neuroscience to improve lives. Their mission is to use safe and effective technological advancements to make the struggle of weight loss easier for millions of people. Running from dual-headquarters in Belfast, Northern Ireland and San Diego, California Modius, is their first product. 


Most recently, Neurovalens raised £1.4 million in VC funding. Their successful completion of their Indiegogo campaign surpassed its target goal of $50,000 in just four hours. With the help of 4,000 backers across more than 80 countries, the support has catapulted Neurovalens to a new level within the wearables market. “We see Modius as the first generation of ‘careable technology’,” said McKeown M.D.

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Neurovalens plans to use the funds raised to invest in additional research and further develop Modius. The focus is now facilitating the ModiusLife community to support users in a motivational and inspirational environment to improve their lifestyle and help them achieve the leaner, healthier bodies they desire. Neurovalens plans to launch sales via the company website in early 2018, with additional plans to be present at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2018.

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