THINX’s 4-Layer Technology Innovation Gives Women Period-Proof Underwear

Working to eliminate shame and stigma associated with menstruation, THINX's four bits of tech makes them fashionably magical.

Named “one of the best inventions” by Time magazine, THINX is a revolutionary period-proof underwear company creating the most innovative period solutions that empower women and sustain the planet.

THINX underwear is body safe, reusable and has no weird chemicals.

THINX Body Safe

The THINX team have gotten the conversation started by breaking period taboos with their underwear and activewear. Designed with patented 4-layer technology for ultimate protection, THINX is made with moisture-wicking cotton for softness and breathability. Created with super-absorbent fabric that can hold up to 2 tampons’, THINX brags a leak-resistant barrier to keep you “fresh ‘n’ dry” with its anti-microbial lining that fights bad odours and bacteria.

“THINX is designed with patented 4-layer technology for ultimate protection.”

In the works since January 2014, THINX is body safe, reusable and has no weird chemicals. Designed in a way that they do not give you that diaper feeling when you wear THINX underwear they shared that “it will not be like you are sitting in your own blood”. The important part is that if you take care of the THINX, it will take care of you. You can do this by rinsing immediately after use with cold wash and then hang dry. Don’t use bleach or fabric softener.


Available in black or beige, the underwear comes in different styles and is priced at around $38. We quite like the HipHuggers. They can take the heavy days as well as the not so heavy days. Offering full coverage and protection they promise to keep you comfortable and dry in any situation. SHOP NOW.

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