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Fashion Week is upon us this month, and among all the diversions there is FASHION TECH WEEK NY organised by the Internet of Fashion. 

Fashion Tech Week is an annual 4 day event that takes place in New York City. Attracting a variety of interested individuals, Fashion Tech Week is centred around workshops, panel discussions, networking mixers, competition and runway show highlights the applications of 3D print designed apparel, accessories and footwear. Also highlighted is augmented/virtual reality, retail tech, robotics, wearables, IoT and sustainability in the fashion ecosystem.
Fashion Tech Week

The Fashion Tech Week Experience

Taking place from 17th September until 20th September 2017, the event is organised by Global Fashion Technology Federation, the only organization in the Fashion Industry housing wearable technologies and the Internet of Fashion (IoF). Their mission is to “Facilitate innovation by empowering fashion tech with the knowledge to transform designing, manufacturing and data collection management“. The event promotes strategies that will change the fashion industry business model with analysis that leads to actionable intelligence through the shared experience of peers and industry pioneers.
Internet of Fashion
Meet the team: Global Fashion Technology Federation is the only organization in the Fashion Industry housing wearable technologies and the Internet of Fashion (IoF).
With a vision of interweaving technology into the everyday life of fashion and accessory designing and manufacturing, they hope to achieve it through the development of wearable computing. Also at the forefront of Fashion Tech Week is technology education, design and manufacturing. Attendees can look forward to demos of various technologies utilized in fashion projects directed at either enhancing or extending functionality of clothing or accessories.

If you would like to attend, or learn more then do not hesitate to send them a quick hello. Also, be sure to take a look at their agenda.

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