London Fashion Week Tech Rundown, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!

London Fashion Week is underway and we are already tech spotting.

So far this season, the headlines have screamed “no fashion tech at NYFW”. True there was no obvious tech but for the eagle eyes out there, there was Julianna Bass x Loomia. According to fashion tech reporter Amanda Cosco her SS18 collection,presented at New York Fashion Week, showcased elegant yet powerful silhouettes integrated with colour-changing fabric. Besides Bass, there were a few murmurs about something tech but nothing to really get excited about. Now it is London Fashion Week. It looks like there could be more going on in London Town then there was across the pond, here is what we have spotted so far.

Julianna Bass’ SS18 collection


Wearables for the young have arrived. I am not talking about those toy like devices that allow you to track your kid, I am talking fashion meets tech for the under 25.

London Fashion Week
Invited guests waiting patiently

TwentyFour15 have launched a collection of connected street wear that they launched day one of London Fashion Week. Their new app connected line includes limited edition branded t-shirts fitted with tailored RFID tags. FashNerd popped by to formerly be introduced to the man behind the brand that has the potential to kick start fashion tech for the youth.

When we arrived there was already a queue to enter the pop up shop located in Covent Garden. The invited guests were young, stylishly dressed and most likely Instagram obsessed. They looked like they would never adorn a Fitbit, but I felt like, maybe, they can be convinced to wear something from 2415.

Fashion Tech
Static model at launch

With places to be, we were allowed in early for a sneak peek of what was on offer. There was loud music, a cool atmosphere and static models on podiums showing off select pieces of the collection. It all looked too cool for school. Before we left we exchanged a few words with Richard, the man behind the designs. Dressed all in black in what looked like a onesie, Richard was a picture of stress and excitement. As the doors opened and people poured in, we bowed out.


We wrote about Alice Archer back in 2016. Working the fashion tech angle, Alice’s collections are made up of intricate digital embroidery and prints that meld technology and biology.

London Fashion Week
Alice Archer

Alice uses a digital machine, to map out each individual stitch with a software computer program called Ethos and then she feeds it into a digital embroidery machine which then prints the images onto fabric. Each design can take up to a week of painstaking programming as it converts the model into a Jpeg image for the machine to stitch. Although this sounds quite tedious, the former design assistant at Dries Van Note acknowledges that without the new technology, the old-fashioned method would make the whole process even slower and that without the software she would not be able to deliver the heavily embroidered 20-piece fashion collection each season.

A definite young designer to watch, we have no doubt that Alice’s work will continue to not only captivate an audience but also keep their interest.


Mister Hussein Chalayan is someone we always keep our eye on at LFW. He is known for bridging the gap between performance, art and technology. His ideas evolve around perception as well as realities of modern life. It is Chalayan’s innovative design, impeccable tailoring, elegant drapery and a minimalist aesthetic that makes him shine in our eyes.

The glasses at Hussein Chalayan’s runway show on Sept. 30, 2016, are connected to a wearer’s belt. The belt includes an Intel Compute Stick, a tiny computing device the size of a pack of gum that captures the biometric data and translates it by projecting visualizations interpreting the wearer’s “stress level” onto a wall via a small Pico projector. Paris Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2017 event runs Sept. 27-Oct. 5, 2016. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

As tomorrow looms, we look forward to witnessing Chalayan’s cutting edge design and innovation. So we wait with bated breath to see what Chalayan will be showing tomorrow at 6pm.

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