Your Future Smart Home Might Need A Bosch X-Spect Scanner

The future could demand you to pimp up your smart home with some fabulously addictive gadgets from Bosch. 

I have been tempted to the gadget side that create our smart homes of the future. I never thought it was possible, but it has happened. The device that I have taken too is the Bosch X-Spect scanner. Although still at concept stage, I am already sold!

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The X-spect scanner is a handheld infrared thermometer. When pressed against something, lets say a shirt, it is able to identify the fabric or a stain on the fabric. In doing so it can determine the kind of material or substance on the shirt. Quite impressive, but that is just the beginning. My most favourite home automation feature of X-spect is its ability to send washing instructions based on its findings to an internet-connected Bosch washing machine. Wowser, right? Let’s continue.

“Imagine being able to scan  your favourite fruit and being able to detect how ripe it is.”

Spearheaded by Bosch’s Dr. Arndt von Bieren, the Head of Advanced Sensor and Food Technologies, the tricorder brags switch modes that can also measure the nutritional content of a piece of food. Imagine being able to scan your favourite fruit to measure how ripe it is. On how it is able to this, von Bieren explains, “The core technology is based on two optical scanners. The scanner itself transmits its readings to the cloud, where an algorithm then determines what the scanner is looking at. The data then travels back to the scanner, and from there you can send it to a connected Bosch appliance.”

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According to Dr. von Bieren, X-Spect smart homes technology is similar to that of the SCiO scanner. Like the SCiO technology, it can only read the ingredients of orange, not a cupcake. So only homogenous food items need apply. According to c|net, the most unique thing about X-Spect scanner is its ability to read the makeup of fabric and stains.  of c|net wrote, “Right now the X-Spect can determine up to two component materials in a piece of fabric, and also let you know their relative proportions. We saw a demo on a blended cotton-poly t-shirt, for example. The creators hope to bring X-Spect to the point where it can read three different materials. It’s not there yet, but it can read four different kinds of stains. I saw it read chocolate and lipstick via a prepared demo at the Bosch booth.”

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Bosch not only hopes to get the X-spect scanner device to read up to 16 different stains, but they are also looking into building a refrigerator that can intelligently scan its content and an oven that can cook your food automatically. We now hope that Bosch’s future products become available soon in a home automation store near you!

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