S P I R I T U S Flawless Fusion of Technology and Fashion Encourages Us To #WEARTHEFUTURE

S P I R I T U S, is a startup that has launched a revolutionary activewear collection that boosts energy, promotes cell recovery and always stays fresh.

It is no big secret that there is a lot going on in the sportswear industry. More and more brands have started to successfully use technology to engineer activewear, we are not only talking about the big name brands like Nike and Under Armour, there are startups like Pyrates and now  S P I R I T U S who are also letting their voice be heard.

S P I R I T U S Activewear

S P I R I T U S is a Australia based startup that has come up with a revolutionary, advanced workout gear that can boost energy levels, promote cell regeneration and remain dry and odor-free. Manufactured from an exclusive fabric that combines infrared and silver technology, it took the S P I R I T U S team two years of research and development to come up with the PROFORMANCE line of men’s and women’s activewear. The premium all-black collection is sleek, simple, modern and infused with technology designed to last. Crafted to complement any person’s body shape, S P I R I T U S  supports movement and pushes the limits of the standard activewear.

The S P I R I T U S activewear has thermal reactive minerals embedded into the fabric which then converts body heat into infrared energy. This is an action that promotes blood circulation, energy recovery and cell regeneration. Also, the trademarked PROFORMANCE™ fabric wicks away moisture – and has been proven to dry up to 35 percent faster than traditional fabrics on the market today. In addition, the use of pure silver fiber in PROFORMANCE prevents unpleasant odors and keeps the active-wear smelling fresh, during and after workouts.

With a Kickstarter campaign currently running,  S P I R I T U S Co-founder Kevin Dinh shared, “We created S P I R I T U S with young professionals in mind. With this activewear, anyone can transition seamlessly from the office to the gym. They will feel less sore after their workout, and S P I R I T U S dries quickly and smells fresh – even after the most strenuous workout, whether outside or in the gym.” Other’s members of the S P I R I T U S team include Kent Le, a self-taught entrepreneur who has a successful business in sports shoes, and Brianna Wood, an Australian fashion designer with over 15 years of experience in apparel product development and design.

With 35 days to go and 53 backers, S P I R I T U S has so far raised $7,844 of their AU$ 10,000 goal. To show your support pledge here